Chocolate Christmas Sculpture Engineered by our Talented Pastry Chefs

This year, during the Christmas season as soon as you enter the hotel lobby you will be greeted by a special surprise – a magnificent Christmas sculpture made entirely of chocolate. This spectacular creation is not just a work of art, but a true engineering marvel.

1. Uncover the Ingredients: What is it made of?

The Christmas centrepiece is crafted entirely from real chocolate, with no other material involved in the building process. Every piece of the chocolate sculpture has been meticulously created to reflect the theme, with each colour and shape expertly formed by the talented hands of our talented Pastry Chef and his team. The Christmas sculpture is a true masterpiece, the preparation of this chocolate marvel took approximately 280 hours of work, which makes one appreciate it even more when seeing it up close.

InterContinental Malta - Chocolate Christmas Sculpture Engineered by our Talented Pastry Chefs

2. Where Did the Idea for This Year’s Theme Come From?

We asked our Pierre Debono about the inspiration behind this masterpiece, and here’s what he had to say: “The idea for incorporating a telephone box into the Christmas sculpture, was born from the traditional Maltese telephone boxes around the island, slowly being transformed into libraries.” Changing from a medium to communicate to storytelling. The chosen theme adds a touch of local culture to the sculpture, making it even more special.

3. The Actual Architecture of the Sculpture

The entire sculpture is adorned with small Christmas figures made of sugar paste and carefully selected high-quality chocolate. At the top of the telephone box sits a Christmas house designed without walls, allowing the viewer to admire every angle, of Santa’s house. The third part of the sculpture features a built-in Christmas train with a mechanical chocolate clock, adding an even greater sense of magic and wonder. This chocolate sculpture is not just about the delicious treat itself; it is a true work of art and engineering.

InterContinental Malta - Chocolate Christmas Sculpture Engineered by our Talented Pastry Chefs

4. Why was it Named Chocolate Engineering?

The sculpture has been aptly named “Chocolate Engineering” due to combination of craft, skill and technology into one large creation. It showcases the fusion of art and science, requiring a deep understanding of the physical, chemical, and microbiological properties of chocolate. Our team of talented, professional, and knowledgeable individuals have utilized their expertise to bring this awe-inspiring and innovative chocolate sculpture to life.

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