Tackling Stress

By November 26, 2020 December 1st, 2020 Intercontinental Malta

Life has always been fast-paced and stressful, but 2020 has been especially tough on everyone’s mental wellness. It’s important to identify ways to deal with stress, to lead yourself down the path to better physical and mental health. 

Carisma Spa loves helping people become the best version of themselves, whether that’s through their spa day in Malta or their anti-stress massage, so in this post you’ll find various ways to manage stress. Some of them are sure to be right for you!


Planning Ahead

Life can throw new things at you at any time, but this doesn’t mean you can’t plan for the future. Planning everything out can help you build a routine and know what to expect, relieving a lot of tension, so when something unexpected does happen, you’re in a better position to handle it.

I’d recommend starting with the small things:

-Preparing your outfit the night before so you’re in less of a rush the next morning

-Planning meals a week in advance so you never have to run out of ingredients (you can even freeze prepared soups or sauces for days you know you’ll have less time)

-Writing down a to-do list for each day

-Keeping an organiser so you never forget important dates

By the time you get used to planning the little things, it will become second nature and part of your routine.


Putting Your Emotions into Perspective

When something very stressful happens, you may get overwhelmed and feel like you’re helpless. Whenever you feel stressed out, grab a piece of paper or clear your head: list everything that is making you feel anxious. This can be enough to put everything into perspective, so you can start dealing with each problem one by one. it will also help you realise the things that you shouldn’t be worrying about; if you can’t do anything about a problem at all, or at least not for now, push it to the back of your mind and don’t focus on it.

Some things seem worse when you face them alone. Sometimes even speaking about what’s worrying you can give you a new perspective or lift a weight off your chest. 


Anti Stress Treatments

You may also wish to switch off your thoughts for an hour and leave everything in others’ hands, so consider including moments of self-care into your routine. They can be small things like applying a face mask or taking a warm bath, or more luxurious treats like an anti stress facial or massage. Some massages are specifically designed to relieve tension and stress like the Antistress Massage, the Stress Breaker Turkish Bath, an Ayurvedic Massage or a Thai Massage. Facials can be especially relaxing as well, with facials like the Carisma Signature Facial being the ultimate relaxing experience.


You don’t have to make major changes in your life to reduce your stress levels. Many stress-reducing techniques like those mentioned above are simple and small, and will be much more effective than majorly changing your lifestyle or routine (which may create more stress in themselves).

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