2020 Events

By December 20, 2019 Intercontinental Malta

The New Year brings with it a lot of celebrations, resolutions and hopes for the coming year. Malta is known to keep busy throughout the year. With sun shining 360 days a year, people do not waste such weather. After the New Year the Maltese load up and start preparing on events for the coming months. Here we will give a rundown on what will be happening in the first 4 months of 2020. Make sure to do your own research so you won’t miss anything you want to attend!

Rock the South

A yearly festival that is sought after by everyone who loves music. Here musicians gather up to give an electrifying 3-days of good music, amazing people and not to mention such a beautiful location which the event will take place, Marsascala – Zion. The line up is usually announced late around the end of February and beginning of March in order to start building up some hype. The festival usually has 2 stages so there will be punctuality and efficiency with time, and the silent disco will seep into the early hours of the morning. A lot of bands ask to be in such a festival because so many people visit. It is one massive party for people who love live music.


Truly an event to anticipate. Whether you will be attending the Valletta parade or the Nadur ‘street party’, the carnival is not to be missed. The Maltese take carnival very seriously since it is a time where one can dress up in literally anything he or she wants. The Valletta one is more family-friendly since the Nadur celebrations usually consist of a lot of beer. Both offer something different but be sure to be prepared. If you are looking to go to Gozo make sure to go before the traffic starts piling up because then you will be stuck in traffic for a good hour or so. If you can avoid going up with a car all together it will save you a lot of hassle.

Malta International Firework Festival

Fireworks are a very intrinsic part of Maltese culture and this festival has become somewhat of a tradition. Attended by locals and tourists alike. The fireworks will be set next to the grand harbour so if you are situated in the capital city Valletta, or the three cities of Isla, Birgu and Bormla, you will be able to see the spectacle. A lot of villages and people will be taking part in this festival as a way to showcase their skill in making such beautiful artwork.

Malta International Music Festival

The island has a lot of music events, from Isle of Mtv, Rock the South, the Jazz festival and the Malta Internation Music Festival, everyone has their own fair share of events to go to. For this event, The European Foundation for Support of Culture and the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra join together to create a spectacle of classical music. You can expect classical music in all its varied forms as well as solo acts, and grand orchestral concerts. The event will feature many acclaimed artists from all around the world!

Lost and Found

This is a massive event. Lost and Found is another music festival where your favourite DJ’s will attend. The festival promises the best open-air party you will ever attend. The event will also have boat parties, pool parties and you will be able to party next to a historic castle. This festival gives you a chance to explore the island, meet new and different people from around the world. It is one of the best opportunities for people looking to party for a long weekend on a sunny island.

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