Notte Bianca 2019: The Magical Night in Valletta

By September 20, 2019 September 23rd, 2019 Intercontinental Malta

As far as events go Notte Bianca is truly one of the biggest nights in Malta. The island has seen its fair share of festivals and events throughout the summer but the life and vibrancy of the island does not stop.

Notte Bianca is one of Malta’s biggest annual culture and arts festival. For one night the city springs to light with creativity and people like never before. 

This event is a celebration of Maltas art and creativity which is all open to the public free of charge.

 People who will attend the festival can easily expect, music, dancing, fireworks, visual art exhibitions, theatre performances and not to mention amazing food. 

A variety of local artists will come together to create whatever they see fit in relation to Notte Bianca, with the added bonus of creating location-specific performances.

The streets and public spaces will be used in new and innovative ways to create whatever the artists seem fit and which ultimately attracts the largest crowd.

If you will be attending Notte Bianca be sure to take some time to stroll around the city and explore new art and new artists. 

The beauty of this festival is that you will never know what to expect so always be on the look-out for what’s happening around the corner.

Museums and palaces will open their doors to delight festivalgoers with theatre performances and visual art exhibitions, some of which will never be performed again. 

Just for one night, only patrons will get to experience the culmination of months of effort all in night. 

Piazzas will also be used for open-air theatre performances while also having artists singing. Not to mention that most of the cafe’s and restaurants will extend their hours for this evening only.

From the city gate all the way down to Fort St Elmo the streets, the restaurant, piazzas, museums and churches spring to life all on Notte Bianca. 

The night guarantees a memorable experience that will truly touch everyone in some way or another.

If you are looking to also enjoy your evening at a restaurant, be sure to book from beforehand because probably all the restaurants would be booked. 

Do not go there without booking expecting to find a table because you will end up spending your whole night waiting.

Throughout the years the festival has premiered a plethora of various successful projects and recently it has excelled in focusing on new media and trying to be innovative in this area with relation to art and culture.

If you will be needing a taxi during the night also book it from beforehand, most taxis will be booked that night and entering/exiting Valletta would be a hassle so make sure that you decide on a location that is both comfortable for you but accessible for the taxi driver because there will be quite a bit of chaos on the roads.


Malta always has some event around the corner, whether it’s Notte Bianca, a feast, Glitch Festival, Earth Garden and many more so make sure to see exactly what your cup of tea is and plan from before because you do not want to miss any of these. 

Some of them are also free of charge for the public, besides Notte Bianca, we also have Isle of MTV and Beer fest are just a few of the many events which are few. Some only have a small fee like Earth Garden which is completely sensible for a packed weekend filled with life and activity.

You have a lot of hotels in Malta to choose from with regards to accommodation and everywhere on the island is close, just be sure not to travel during rush hour because the traffic could be problematic. 

Other than that, make sure to soak up the sun and enjoy the island life, visit the beautiful vistas and experience the nightlife. 

Malta is known for having a great nightlife, whether it is in Paceville, Gianpula or even going to have a relaxing evening at a restaurant, along the Sliema promenade you will find a lot and even in Valletta’s strait street, there are many to choose from.

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