Elrow Malta 2019: Malta’s New Party Hit

By August 20, 2019 September 23rd, 2019 Intercontinental Malta

Malta is home to numerous events across the year. Summer carries the bulk of it all, with warmer weathers comes with it beach days, the sea, longer days and a plethora of festivals and parties.

The island springs to life with the new influx of tourists and all-round great energy across the country.

Festivals like Glitch Festival, Earth Garden, Beer Fest and the one which we will be talking about today, which is Elrow 2019.

About Elrow

The event will take place on Septembers 14th and will start at about 6 pm and continue onto the early hours of the morning.

This event will return to Malta in September for its second edition, and it will be even bigger, brighter and more fantastic than last year. Once again Elrow will treat Malta with intense dancing, quirky characters, colourful themes, and a line-up which should not be missed!

Elrow is one of the Worlds most famous party brands to ever do it! Rising to fame with their experimental yet enjoyable and immersive events that took place in Barcelona.

These parties soon became hugely popular and garnered an impressive following, so the brand went international going in countries like Dubai, New York, Ibiza, Shanghai, the United Kingdom and now for the second time in Malta.

Since then the brand has been creating impressive events around the worlds and amazing fans of the Elrow brand.

2019 we will see Elrow return at Ta’ Qali in the Uno Village, Malta’s largest open-air club.

Elrows Values

Elrow has one main idea, that they are part of a family of entertainers going back over 150 years.

You will need to earn your position in the family and then extend the love and respect to others, with openness, humour and honesty.

The notion is to stay approachable, friendly and never too busy to listen and help others.

They also want their shows to be a truly collective experience. They want to be humble and want you to be humble, in doing so everybody can enjoy this beautiful experience.

They also don’t want this to be just an average party. Saying that ‘it was a good party’ is not enough for them, they want you to be starstruck, they want you to amazed, surprised and wow-ed.

They want people to move away from comfort and venture into new territories.

The show itself will have a healthy dose of samba and a carnivalesque vibe electrifying the crowd, wild animals, lost explorers and fun-loving jungle dwellers.

Go Prepared

Always go prepared for every event, make sure you pack water and have enough money if you are going to buy and food or drinks from the venue.

You can never be too sure with what is going to happen so always take some extra Euros with you JUST INCASE something comes up.

Never forget, if you are going to drink, never drive! Make sure you will assign a designated driver for the evening so he or she will not drink.

Do not put your friends, family members and loved ones in any peril, and do not put anyone around you in danger!

If you are going to drink make sure you can catch a bus and/or a taxi. You can easily catch a taxi from Uno Village so that should not be a problem.

If all the taxies are taken be sure to call one of the many taxi companies we have on the island.

If you are coming from abroad to attend this festival or event other festivals that might take place during the summer or throughout the year make sure to book a place to stay from before.

There are many hotels in Malta to choose from, so this should not be an issue, but always try to book from beforehand so you will find the best prices and location.

You do not want to be stuck without any decent place to stay or you have to pay a really high amount. 

Summer is always full of life in Malta so this event and many others all contribute to creating one of the best experiences you will ever have!

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