A Guide for running in Malta

Running on a beach

If you love to run or want to make it part of your weekly exercise regime, this is a guide for running in Malta with beautiful scenery everywhere you look.

These running destinations are open to everyone and anyone no matter if you run daily or decide to run once every 6 months.

The views on the archipelago islands make your run more motivating and inspiring!

There are many great places in Malta where you can let go of all your worries, get a breath of fresh air and just, run!

There is nothing greater than getting fresh air and witnessing the sun rising or setting.

Outer Mdina

Mdina is an incredible spot for getting some cardio in.

The outer roads that surround the city provide a perfect path to run on!

On your run around Mdina, you’ll be able to view the old fortifications surrounding the city and the beautiful fields below.

There is also the option to run through the narrow, cobblestone streets within Mdina where you can admire the beautiful, old buildings.

MdinaImage source: aclassenglish.com

Dingli Cliffs

The Dingli Cliffs hold one of the most epic, breathtaking seascapes on the island. It is 250 meters above sea level.

This is a popular route due to its amazing vistas that the cliffs offer.

The best time to run here is at sunset so that you can appreciate all the incredible colours of the horizon.

If you want a long distance run, start in Mdina and go through Rabat, Dingli and Buskett Forest before heading back to Mdina to finish off your run.

With this route, you’ll get to see even more of the island, all with different aspects that the island has to offer.

Dingli CliffsImage source: bay.com.mt

Valletta Parameter/Around Valletta’s Fortifications  

Valletta is an ideal place to run. With so much history surrounding it as well as the sea, it’s a surprisingly great location to put your running shoes on and get your daily exercise in.

This run is far from boring because of the various views that the area has to offer.

In addition, the whole way is paved making it an easier run.

A run around Valletta’s fortifications is a great way to start or end the day, giving you lovely surroundings while you run.

Due to the various outlooks, you won’t realize how long you’ve been running for!

Furthermore, if you wish for a more challenging run, you can head into Valletta where there are plenty of hills for you to run up and down to build your stamina.

VallettaImage source: vassallohistory.wordpress.com/valletta/

The Coast Road

The coast road offers amazing coastal scenery with changes in elevation as well as in inclines.

For a challenging run along the seaside, you can go from Pembroke to Qawra to get some significant cardio.

The scenery makes the run truly worth it!

Ta’Qali Park

Ta’ Qali Park offers an amazing space for runners.

You can enjoy running on flat pavement while also opting for some of the optional hills throughout the park and even historic staircases that you can run up and down for a more intense run.

There is an amazing green area in the park as well which is great for getting some fresh air while observing the wildlife.

parkImage source: malta.com

The Strand (Sliema)

The promenade in Sliema is a good place to run for those that are close to the area.

You can run for a good distance on a flat pavement, and take in the beautiful sea view as well.

Once you finish your run, there are plenty of places to stop to get a cold water or a refreshing smoothie.


Marsascala Promenade

The promenade in Marsascala is a special location for those that want a more quiet run.

The strand stretches along both sides stretching from Marsascala’s Bay all the way until St. Thomas Bay

This route is filled with amazing views of the open sea the entire way.

The best time to run on the promenade is during sunrise and sunset, especially in the summer when the temperatures are much higher and you can jump into the sea after getting in some legwork!

PromenadeImage source: blog.maltaweathersite.com

Pembroke Heritage Garigue Park

The Pembroke Heritage Trail traces along the coastline bending through the 2.5 km of garigue habitat.

This route is packed with various species of the Mediterranean fauna, vegetation and beautiful sea views along the way.

This trail offers a great break from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle by offering a refreshing run in the nature that can be enjoyed any time of the day!


Victoria Lines

The Victoria Lines in Malta is a more rigorous path with steep gradients and other track differences.

However, this location offers the highest elevations in the archipelago and if you like to run solo, this is the perfect place to do so.

The full length of the trail is 12km.

Maltese wallImage source: victorialinesmalta.com

The Gozo Trail

Head over to Gozo for more running trail opportunities.

The Gozo Trail is a 55km route that goes around the whole outer edge of the island with a 21km climbing stretch.

Of course, there are shorter options in case you don’t want to run the full 55km stretch.

Due to the small size of the island, no matter which route, there will always be stunning vistas at every turn.

There are also private excursion trail runs that you can join that allow runners on all levels.

This allows runners at all levels to go for a long run with some of the best views on the island while running alongside others for a more interactive experience.

gozo cliffsImage source: maltaxterra.com

The routes mentioned above are some of the best routes you can take for running in Malta.

However, due to the landscapes all around the island, there is the chance to run pretty much anywhere while having stunning panoramas along the way.

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