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Fancy enhancing an already unforgettable holiday by winning big?

Or do you just want to see quite how far ‘beginners luck’ can get you?

Whatever your goal, we have the ultimate luxury casino experience to satisfy your even whim and desire!

Is this the best casino in the Mediterranean? Place your bets…

Casino InterContinental Malta

InterContinental Malta Casino

Casino Malta is situated in a prime location within the Intercontinental Malta Hotel – a spot which is already renowned for its 5-star experience and surroundings.

As well as being the largest in the region, it is also a spot unsurpassed in its reputation for excellence, providing a luxurious experience whether you are looking to win big as a player, or are just interested in soaking up the ambience as a spectator.

Join in the suspense of the roulette table as you kick back and relax with a cocktail, and simply soak in an environment which focuses as much on giving you the best possible experience as on the fall of the cards.

With good company, exciting live events and performances, a range of top quality beverages, and the chance to leave with your wallet that little bit heavier, the Casino Malta is a must see on your trip to the hotel. 

Casino Malta 

What to expect!

The casino has the formidable reputation of being the largest on the island of Malta, and as a result, draws experienced gamblers and rookie gamers alike: they are guaranteed to find someone to share a drink with as you put the world to rights and wait for the numbers to roll in.

As well as boasting physical prowess, the casino also possesses the largest number of gaming tables and slots on the island, ensuring a wealth of choice and allowing you to find the game which is perfect for you.

Play a hand of blackjack, and begin the thrill of the race to 21 as you endeavour to beat the dealer; can you keep your cool and come out on top?

For more of a risk, throw caution to the wind with an exciting game of roulette: is this where luck will choose you as a companion and allow you to win big?

Perhaps it is time to practice your best poker face as you collect up your cards: can you play well enough to bluff your way to victory and that perfect payout?

All of these opportunities and so many more are yours for the taking!

Casino InterContinental

Online Casino

As well as more traditional table games, the casino also offers the chance to try your luck electronically, with a range of video poker machines.

Video pokers offer you the chance to try out a variety of different games and perfect your tricks and techniques, as well as getting a taste for the one which suits you best and which you can improve your skills on!

Try to beat your own personal best with a selection of top of the range equipment and technology, and some of the best-rated games on the market right at your fingertips!

intercontinental malta 

Malta Nightlife

One of the key advantages to the casino is its location at the heart of Intercontinental Malta, and this offers you the opportunity to create an immersive, all-around luxury experienced based at the centre of a buzzing Malta nightlife.

There is no need to worry about arranging cabs or transport after a tough night of hard socialising and entertainment; carry on the party in 5-star surroundings by selecting one of the hotels exclusive suites, which offers luxurious, quality accommodation with all of the benefits of a prime location!

Choose from a range of tailored packages to build your ideal trip, and make sure that everything you could possibly desire is easily accessible on your doorstep with the hotel’s ideal location.

Better yet, if you’re dead vacation means you never have to leave the hotel, the Intercontinental is perfect thanks to its comprehensive and fully inclusive features!

With the best quality in food and drink, sumptuous surroundings for a perfect nights sleep, and a range of entertainment opportunities all contained within the walls, this is the perfect place to party the night away whilst enjoying some serious style!

Malta InterContinental Hotel 

So, the time has come to place your bets and the verdict?

For 5 star, top quality and luxury surroundings, for an incredible inclusive casino experience which caters for every interest and ability, and for an immersive and impressive break which will leave you relaxed and with unforgettable memories, the Casino Malta definitely ticks every box.

If you are searching for an experience which is fun, flashy and offers the thrill of the chase as well as the chance to win seriously big, there is no better place to head to than this vibrant, lively heart of the impressive Maltese nightlife.

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