4 Events This Summer You Cannot Miss

Malta International Arts Festival

Summer is always pretty spectacular in Malta.

When you have such gorgeous weather, beautiful natural landscapes, and the warm mediterranean sea on your doorstep, it’s difficult not to have an amazing summer.

But what makes this sunny season so especially brilliant in Malta are the exciting events that take place throughout the summer months.

If you can find time in between the beach lounging, sightseeing, and bar hopping, you should definitely check out these exciting Malta events.

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Marsovin Wine Festival

The Marsovin Summer Wine Festival has fast turned into a must-attend for both locals and tourists visiting Malta from the 20th-22nd of July. 

The Marsovin Wine Festival is held in the magical surroundings of Hastings Gardens in Valletta, which is a location that certainly lends itself to wine drinking.

Nothing says summer like sipping on a cool Chenin Blanc from the bastion walls of Valletta, gazing across the Yacht Marina into the calm Mediterranean sea.

The festival is the ultimate showcase of Maltese wine and boasts a dazzling array of wines, with wine tasting sessions arranged to ensure that you learn a little while you drink.

But the Marsovin Wine Festival isn’t just about wine.

It is primarily about wine, but according to its website, it’s also a fusion of wine, music, culture, and food.

That means you’ll be able to find an eclectic range of leading musicians, stationed at different stages across the venue.

You’ll also be able to find an equally varied, but perhaps more delicious range of mediterranean foods on offer.  

Marsovin Wine FestivalImage from valletta2018.org

Malta International Arts Festival 

Another must on the Maltese cultural calendar is the Malta International Arts Festival.

If you are in any way curious about art in Malta, and you’re on the islands from the 29th June to the 15th July, then you’d be crazy not to check this event out.

The Malta International Arts Festival aspires to place Malta on the international cultural map, and it does just that in a celebration of theatre, dance, visual arts, orchestra, and much more besides.

Malta has a famously rich and diverse historical background, positioned as something of a waypoint between Europe and Africa, and the arts festival seeks to explore this cultural heritage.

Engaging with this legacy through artistic excellence is what the Malta International Arts Festival is good at, and the result is an eclectic blend of forms, genres, and styles.

Every Maltese artist of any standing will be there, so you should be too.

With such a varied programme of dance, music, and visual art, it can be a little tricky to decide when and where to attend, but the festival website is fairly comprehensive and provides plenty of information about events.

One of this year’s highlights is a grand concert by the world-famous Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, held at the Manoel Theatre on July 1st.

Malta International Arts Festival Image from valletta2018.org

Joseph Calleja Concert 

If you are impressed by what Maltese artists have to offer at the arts festival, then you should definitely stick around a little longer so that you can attend this concert on the 21st of July.

This concert is fast becoming something of a ritual and certainly a highlight of Malta’s summer calendar.

This year, the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra are teaming up again with the legendary Maltese soprano Joseph Calleja under the direction of British conductor Philip Walsh.

The annual concert, which is held in the Granaries in Floriana, usually features a special guest, and this year’s concert is no different.  

Italian pop superstar Eros Ramazzotti will be joining Joseph Calleja on stage for what promises to be an unforgettable performance.

Joseph Calleja Concert Image from bovjosephcallejafoundation.com

Malta International Food Festival

Last but by no means least is the Malta International Food Festival.

If all that culture has made you hungry and you’re around on the 19th-22nd July, then this is the place to go.

Held in the Mdina, Malta’s uniquely fortified medieval city, this festival is three days of Maltese gastronomic extravagance.

Specifically, the International Food Festival will be held in the Mdina ditch, a much prettier location than the name suggests.

A historically important architectural masterpiece, the ditch was transformed into a public garden in 2013, providing the perfect venue for showcasing Malta’s culinary heritage.

Due to its complex history and unique location, Maltese food is a pretty curious but absolutely delicious blend of cuisines.

That’s all on show here, with the festival offering some of Malta’s most sought after gastronomic delights.

But the festival is also an international affair, with cuisines from over 10 different regions also available.

And, as ever in Malta, there will be live performances and plenty of exquisite music to accompany your meal.

Malta International Food Festival

All of these events are worth visiting this summer whether you’re on holiday or you’re a local.

Keep up to date with the latest events on our blog and if you are visiting Malta why not stay at our 5 star hotel in Malta in one of our rooms and suites.

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