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Isle of MTV Malta

What better thing to accompany the island life in Malta than some good music.

There are many events happening in Malta in 2018, but not many compete with the music events taking place.

Malta music festivals have become more and more popular over the last few years, with events like Earth Garden, Isle of MTV Malta, and Malta Music Week.

The most popular in Malta music festivals are the first two, Earth Garden held at Ta Qali National Park and Isle of MTV Malta held in Floriana, and both have been running for twelve years, and have grown considerably since their first edition.

Both of these Malta music festivals boast a large list of featured artists so whether you prefer alternative, ska, pop, RnB or something else entirely you’ll find an event you will enjoy.

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Earth Garden

As the name may suggest Earth Garden is a hippie paradise.

The music festival is set in Ta Qali National Park, with multiple open air stages set up in different areas, surrounded by nature.

If you’re on an eco-friendly kick this is definitely a place for you, with stalls selling handmade wares and surrounded by like minded individuals.

Food stalls ranging from the Malta music festival basics like pulled pork to many alternate options catering to vegan and vegetarian tastes.

As far as Malta music festivals go Earth Garden takes the cake when it comes to actual music options, the space of Ta Qali National Park providing enough room for the Earth Garden organisers to set up four separate stages each boasting a unique sound and in total hosting over 35 live acts and DJs, allowing you to always find music you enjoy.

In regards to the ticketing system, Earth Garden is a four day event, with either a one day pass which costs 15 euro or a full event pass costing only 25 euro.

These can both be bought online or upon entering Ta Qali National Park. Earth Garden also has two camping zones, a pass for which costs 40 euros.

Earth Garden 2018 will be in Ta Qali National Park from 31st May to 3rd June.

Earth GardenIsle of MTV Malta

While Earth Garden is well known to any local, Isle of MTV Malta has an international fame, boasting big names in mainstream music such as Jason Derulo, Martin Garrix, Jessie J, Lady Gaga and OneRepublic, just to mention a few.

This is the one of Malta music festivals where it’s all about who is going to be performing, so what does the Isle of MTV line up look like this year?

Isle of MTV Malta 2018 will be headed up by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, but they will be joined by other musicians who have yet to be announced.

Isle of MTV Malta does not stop in Floriana however, the event, organised by the Malta Tourism Authority in collaboration with MTV and G7 Events, has been embellished in the last few years by way of Malta Music Week.

Malta Music Week starts with a bang with Isle of MTV Malta and continues with its afterparty event at Uno.

The rest of the week is filled with assorted events at clubs all over the island, as well as a major pool party.

Like the Isle of MTV line up, the Malta Music Week line up is much discussed, with so far Redfoo, Jax Jones, and others confirmed with more still to be announced.

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Isle of MTV Malta will be held on 27th June 2018 and Malta Music Week will carry on the celebrations until the 1st of July 2018.

As Isle of MTV Malta is organised by the Malta Tourism Authority it is free of charge, and it is held in Il-Fosos in Floriana.

The event may be free for all to enter, but there has been a change in the ticketing system as from this year.

If you wish to attend you have to request your free ticket from the Isle of MTV Malta website, and not simply turn up in Floriana empty handed as the event used to be.

The ticketing system on the Isle of MTV Malta website also features packages for those interested in diving straight into Malta music festival life with Malta Music Week, featuring a Malta Music Week package with entry to every single event for just under 75 euro.

If you have heard of the Isle of MTV VIP tickets, look no further.

Malta Music Week and Isle of MTV Malta also offer a VIP package with VIP entrance to every Malta Music Week event including Isle of MTV VIP tickets for just under 155 euro.

Isle of MTV

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