6 Gorgeous Palaces in Malta You Have To Visit On Your Holiday

By April 26, 2018 September 12th, 2018 Intercontinental Malta
Malta Palace

Malta has a vibrant history and the remnants of its story are still here to be experienced.

Below, InterContinental Hotel Malta has listed some of the top palaces in Malta you need to visit on your holiday.

Palazzo Parisio Naxxar

Palazzo Parisio Naxxar was originally built in the 18th century as a hunting lodge for the Grandmaster of the Knights of St John.

It soon, however, became the summer residence of the Parisio family from which it gets its name.

It was eventually refurbished in a Sicilian Baroque style.

Palazzo Parisio Naxxar has been lovingly curated by those it has been home to.

The open garden is a great highlight of the palace with its Orangery and beautiful cultivated flora.

High tea is very popular at Palazzo Parisio Naxxarand a very relaxing way to learn more about Malta history by experiencing the noble comforts of this stately home.

Palazzo Parisio Naxxar is also open to walk around inside and see the beautiful Grand Ballroom and detailed Family Chapel.

Palazzo Parisio NaxxarImage from petitfute.com

Palazzo Parisio Valletta

Not to be confused with Palazzo Parisio Naxxar, this palace in Valletta is sometimes known as Casa Parisio and is in fact named after the same family who owned it in the 18th century.

Paolo Parisio Muscati named the Palazzo Parisio Valletta before eventually retiring to his family hunting lodge that was to becomePalazzo Parisio Naxxar.

An important note of Malta history, the palace was residence to Napoleon for six days during the early days of the French occupation of Malta.

Palazzo Parisio Valletta became the General Post Office from 1886 to 1973, after which it served as the Ministry for Agriculture, and it presently houses the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Palazzo Parisio Valletta was severely damaged in World War II by aerial bombardment.

The palace was rebuilt afterwards, but some of the original frescoes were lost.

Palazzo Parisio VallettaImage from newmalta.com

Verdala Palace

BuskettGardens are worth a visit in themselves, but they are also home toVerdala Palace.

The Knights of St John built a hunting lodge and the semi-cultivated area now known as Buskettin Siggiewiin the 1550s or 1560s.

Buskett was used for game hunting by the Knights of St John and in 1586 the hunting lodge was made into Verdala Palace by Hugues Loubenx de Verdalle.

Girolamo Cassar, one of the best architects Malta had to offer, designed Verdala Palace in a gorgeous Renaissance style.

He is also known to have designed many of the beautiful buildings in Valletta.

Verdala Palace is now the President of Malta’s official summer residence.

Verdala Palace MaltaImage from mysteriousearth.net

San Anton Palace

Apart from her summer residence at Verdala Palace, the official residence of the President of Malta is San Anton Palace in Attard.

Built yet again during the time of the Knights of St John, San Anton Palace was designed as a country villa for Antoine de Paule.

It was further expanded into a palace after his election as Grandmaster of the Knights of St John in 1623.

Many of the following Grandmasters of the Knights of St John resided at San Anton Palace, also frequently enlarging it during their residence.

This Attardpalace also boasts an extensive open garden, San Anton Gardens, which has at least partially been open to the public since as early as 1882 and is a beautiful spot for walks and picnics.

San Anton Palace MaltaImage from boomsbeat.com

The Inquisitor’s Palace

In the heart of Birguone can find the Inquisitor’s Palace, one of the few surviving inquisitors palaces and the only one that has been made accessible to the general public.

Malta history tells us that in 1574 the first inquisitor Mgr Pietro Dusina was offered the unused palace by the Grandmaster of the Knights of St John and it was used by all the inquisitors after him.

The Inquisitor’s Palace was improved upon by almost every resident, slowly transforming it into a typical Roman palace.

Open to the public one can get a unique look into Malta history with the historical reconstructions of each the Inquisitor’s Palace’s rooms.

You may also see the permanent displays of the National Museum of Ethnography housed in the Inquisitor’s Palace.

The Inquisitor’s Palace

Girgenti Palace

Siggiewi does not only house the Verdala Palace and BuskettGardens but also Girgenti Palace.

Confusingly also sometimes known as the Inquisitor’s Palace, Girgenti Palace was built in the time of the Knights of St John in 1625 as the inquisitor Onorato Visconti’s summer residence.

Girgenti Palace attracts many with its gorgeous view of the surrounding countryside and its own gardens, both of which are naturally irrigated by a number of springs.

Girgenti Palace is now used as the official residence of the Maltese Prime Minister.

GIRGENTI PALACEImage from timesofmalta.com

If you’re interested in seeing what else you can get up to on the island, Malta has plenty of other cultural activities to get up to.

So come on over and enjoy the island!

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