Best Places To Picnic In Malta This Spring

By April 19, 2018 September 12th, 2018 Intercontinental Malta
Picnic Malta

Warm weather is fast approaching, so let’s get into holiday mode, prep a picnic basket and head out into the sun to picnic in Malta!

Whether you prefer seaside or countryside picnic spots this list will help you decide where to lay down your blanket.

If you’re not sure how to plan the perfect picnic then check out our other article.

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Ta Qali

Ta Qali National Park was once a part of the Royal Air Force’s land but since then has become a great countryside area perfect for a family picnic.

Ta Qali boasts many indigenous and non-indigenous flora and fauna, so a countryside walk through the park via the planned out walkways could be a great way to get your appetite going or to help you digest your delicious picnic.

The picnic area is made up of a field surrounded by sheltered treed areas.

The large open space is perfect for kids playing football with new friends and riding their bikes.

Meanwhile, parents can keep an eye on them while unpacking picnic baskets in the natural countryside shade.

There’s a common theme of bringing along more than a blanket but also a foldable table to set food on for the older generations, but this really isn’t necessary for younger visitors.

For those who love a good flame to watch, you can build a bonfire in your barbecue and cook up a storm here too, just be sure to clean up after yourself.

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The woodland area of Buskettis quite unlike our garigue countryside, making a nice change as well as casting some shade during the warm weather of the early afternoon.

It was planted by the Knights of St. John during their stay in Malta for the purpose of a hunting ground.

A countryside walkthrough Buskettwill surround you with many different types of trees such as Mediterranean pines and cypress trees, as well as orange trees, cactus plants, olive trees, and many others.

There may be no seaside but Buskettboasts a few natural springs.

Settling your picnic basket and blanket here is ideal for nature lovers and those who prefer a bit of shade from the hot sun.

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Chadwick Lake

If you enjoy setting down your picnic basket by the water but want to avoid the busy seaside, Wied il-Qlejgha in Maltese or Chadwick Lakes are artificial freshwater lakes, and a very popular local picnic spot.

The countryside between Rabat and Mtarfa was transformed in the late 1890’s by Mr Osbert Chadwick who built a dam allowing rainwater to gather in the wet season.

Spring is an ideal time to visit be it for a picnic or a countryside walk, as the warm weather of summer tends to dry out the area.

Chadwick Lake


If you would like to go full holiday mode and make the most of the warm weather in a less touristed beach, Armier Bay may be the picnic spot for you.

This is not just any seaside spot but two beaches, one known simply as Armier and the other as Little Armier, which boast some of the most crystal blue waters of Malta.

The seaside spot, in fact, faces Comino, home to the famous Blue Lagoon.

Have you forgotten your picnic basket?

No matter.

Though located in the quiet countryside area of l-Ahrax in Mellieha, ArmierBay still holds a couple of kiosks – so you can fill up at one of them.

Armier Bay

Top of the world

Gharghur is a small area, lesser known to most visiting the island.

A countryside gem surrounded by other villages and home to the beautiful ‘top of the world’ viewpoint.

This area, popularly known as a romance location, has a beautiful view of the surrounding Maltese countryside, a rare view of the open space in the northern centre.

No countryside walks here however, the fields surrounding the viewpoint are private ones.

While this also rules out a bonfire, I do suggest bringing along a blanket for the chilly spring evening and having your picnic there during sunset, to see the countryside view at its absolute best.

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Golden Bay

Now we come to the warm weather classic: Golden Bay.

You know you’ve hit holiday mode when you’re having your first bonfire at Golden Bay.

This seaside spot is an all-time favourite for visitors and locals alike, and if you want to make the most of it before the busy season hits, grab your picnic basket and lay down your towel as soon as you feel the warm weather on your skin.

The surrounding countryside is beautiful, there is food all round in case you prefer a lazy sort of picnic, and it is perfect from before sunrise till after sunset.

Soak up some sun with your picnic and admire the stars by your bonfire, you will not be disappointed by Golden Bay.

Golden Bay MaltaImage from

Bonus: San Anton Gardens

Unlike the rest of the list, this spot is neither seaside nor countryside, for those who prefer a more cultivated stroll than your average countryside walks.

San Anton Gardens are a gorgeous place to rest your picnic basket in the grounds of San Anton Palace in Naxxar.

Providing a secret haven away from the hustle and bustle of outside just like your favourite countryside getaway whilst also being central, San Anton Gardens are the ideal spot for many to have a picnic in Malta.

And once you’re done from your picnic, head back to the InterContinental Malta Hotel and rest easy after your relaxed adventure.

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