8 Maltese Personalities You Need To Know To Fit In With The Locals

By April 12, 2018 June 19th, 2018 Intercontinental Malta
Ira Losco

Marie Louise Coleiro Preca

Marie Louise Coleiro Preca, who is the president of Malta, must be counted amongst the famous people and personalities everyone should know about.

We are not new to a female president, having had Agatha Barbara from 1982-87, however, she is the youngest president, having been sworn in at age 55.

In 2014, her first year of presidency, Marie Louise Coleiro Precaformed a not for profit consultative and research entity to advise her on initiatives to improve standards of living and social inclusion.


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Joseph Muscat

Once we mention Marie Louise Coleiro Preca we must mention Joseph Muscat, who is the prime minister of Malta.

In Malta, politics are a very passionate topic, so famous people of the political sphere should be mentioned with care until you know the opinion of those around you.

Joseph Muscat is no exception, in fact, he is probably the perfect example of this.

Joseph Muscat became prime minister of Malta in 2013, since then he has been praised for great economic growth and improved employment levels as well as many other achievements.

However, Malta politics has not been so straightforward, with many allegations of corruption causing enough stir to an early general election to be called in 2016.

Joseph Muscat remains the prime minister as the Labour party won that election once again.

Adrian Delia

The 2016 election results caused a stir in Malta politics, with the leader of the Nationalist Party resigning upon the re-election of Joseph Muscat.

In September of 2017 Adrian Delia became the new leader of the Nationalist Party, and since then Adrian Delia has become the leader of the opposition.

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Joseph Calleja

Moving on to famous people that have a lot less to do with Malta politics, Joseph Calleja must be mentioned.

There are many international celebrities with a Maltese heritage but this Maltese tenor sells out venues not just in Malta but worldwide.

He made his operatic debut aged just 19 in 1997 and has been one of Malta’s much-cherished stars since.

Famous people that make it abroad make everyone in the small island nation feel as proud as if it were their own cousin.

This is exemplified in the Doctor of Literature Honoris Causa Joseph Callejareceived from the national university in acknowledgement of his achievements as an internationally renowned tenor.

So even if you’re not really a fan of classical you’d better not mention Joseph Calleja negatively, and the same goes for Ira Losco!

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Ira Losco

If you thought Malta politics were a heated discussion, you should see how much locals care about the Eurovision.

Everyone old enough to be around for it remembers Ira Losco’s 2002 Eurovisionnear win with her song 7th Wonder.

She may not have won the Eurovision but she cemented her place not just on a list of famous people from Malta, but also as the nation’s sweetheart.

Since then Ira Losco has reached further international fame, performing alongside famous people from around the world such as Elton John and Maroon 5.

Just a few months after another Eurovision performance in 2016, Ira Losco became a mother of a son named Harry.

Christabelle Borg

Speaking of Ira Losco and the history of Malta’s Eurovision almost-successes, we must mention Christabelle Borg who will be representing Malta at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest.

Unlike many of the famous people we are used to seeing, Christabelle Borg has strived to be more than a 2D personality, using her fame to promote mental health awareness with her Eurovision song ‘Taboo’.

Aside from her musical career, Christabelle Borg is considered a popular local social media influencer and is very active on Instagram.

Sarah Zerafa

If we are talking about famous people in Malta with the job title ‘social media influencer’ Sarah Zerafa must be mentioned.

With over 30k+ followers on both Instagram and Facebook, Sarah Zerafa definitely does well as a social media influencer.

Showcasing her busy life as a model while promoting various products from dresses to ice cream, she knows how to capture an audience.

Sarah Zerafa also had the prestigious position of being chosen as the official blogger for the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2018, keeping track of Christabelle Borg and others behind the scenes in true social media influencer fashion, mostly via Instagram stories.

One of the looks from today’s shoot 🐆

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Ben Camille

Famous people in Malta aren’t all ready to be the next Kim Kardashian, but Ben Camille is.

This Maltese boy next door has dipped his toe in many pools of the spotlight, having been a model, a tv presenter, and an actor on the popular Strada Stretta series.

However last summer Ben Camille chose to share more of his life than even a social media influencer, with the start of his own reality series Benjamin, featuring not just him but the famous people around him, including his momager Carina.

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