10 Reasons To Stay In St. Julian’s On Your Holiday

By October 26, 2017 August 8th, 2018 Intercontinental Malta
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Visiting Malta is an experience you won’t forget too fast.

Malta is a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea but don’t let its small size deceive you! The truth is that, for such a tiny island, there are so many things that one can do! And the best part? It only takes you a few minutes to travel from one place to another, from a village to a city, from the countryside to the beach!

Without a shadow of a doubt, the best thing to do in Malta is to get lost and wander through narrow streets and green fields, discovering beautiful spots like the hidden sandy and rocky beaches, the sheer cliffs overlooking spectacular views of the island, the amazing churches, with their baroque architecture and stunning frescos, the hiking trails, the quaint villages and buzzing hotspots such as St. Julian’s.

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St. Julian’s is one of the best places to stay in Malta for many reasons. Most tourists who come on holiday find that this little buzzing town in the central area provides everything they need to make their stay one to remember. Why?

  1. Cosmopolitan

Before the 1800s there was not much to see or do in St. Julian’s except the Spinola Palace, an old church, and some fisher huts.

old photo of spinola bay st julians malta

Nowadays however, St. Julian’s is buzzing with people, both local and foreign, night and day, going to work, grabbing a coffee with friends, going shopping, eating at restaurants and more.

It is also a place where a lot of tourists come to have a great time, relax, unwind, and meet new people.

But what makes St. Julian’s so special that everyone wants to go there?

Well, perhaps it’s because there are so many things to do in St. Julian’s – you can never fall short of things to do! Plus, being situated in the central area of Malta makes it ideal as it is close to the major towns and attractions on the island.

  1. Gorgeous Bays

St. Julian’s has got two amazing bays where a lot of locals and tourists come.  Balluta Bay is one of them. It’s a very romantic place for an evening swim or walk. The beach is visible during lower water levels. There is also a rocky shoreline where you can relax when the water is at its highest level and look at the colorful boats floating in the water.

Balluta View

The second and perhaps most popular bay, is St George’s bay. The bay is a few minutes’ walk from the Intercontinental hotel, and is also a sandy beach situated close to the Baystreet Shopping Complex and some very good restaurants.

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  1. A Beautiful Coastline

Are you one who enjoys long pleasant walks by the beach? Have you seen the beautiful coastline that joins St. Julian’s to Sliema? Not only is it breath-taking, but it undoubtedly makes for one heck of a workout! Try jogging early in the morning, the city is radiant under the sun as it rises over the sea.

Paradise from up top 💙 (📷: @tomjauncey)

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  1. Numerous Restaurants

St. Julian’s is lovely by night. All the lights turn on as the sun sets over the horizon.

There are many restaurants located at the coast near the harbour of St. Julian’s, offering fine dining and fantastic views – one is certainly spoilt for choice!

Paranga, for instance, a prime restaurant in the area, is located in and around an old converted boathouse and is situated over the water’s edge St. George’s bay – which makes it the perfect choice for a romantic dinner.

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  1. A Wide Range of Shops & Boutiques

What’s right next to the beach and right in the heart of St. Julian’s? The Baystreet Shopping Complex of course!

Consisting of clothes stores, and a games room to keep your children (and husband) occupied and happy while you shop till you drop! And if you’re wondering what kind of brands there are, here’s a few:

There is also a toy’s store, JUNIOR’S, and a games’ store MATRIX. All in all, there are around 53 shops and restaurants at the complex!

Also, did we mention that Malta’s largest retail mall, The Point, is only a few minutes away by bus? The shopping mall is located in Sliema, St. Julian’s closest neighbour!

  1. Cosy Cafeterias

Whether it’s morning or afternoon, a short break from shopping or back from a day at the beach, there’s always  time for some coffee.

Just like restaurants, cafeterias are in abundance in St. Julian’s. From traditional and sophisticated cafeterias, to more metropolitan cafeterias like Costa Coffee.

  1. The Best Nightlife is in St Julian’s

Paceville is the place to go to for a drink and to dance until the sun comes up. You can enjoy cocktails, spirits or a bottle of beer in one of the many bars or pubs, and dance the night away in the clubs.

The music surrounds you anywhere you go, till the early hours of day. Both teenagers and adults go there during the weekend after a hard week at university or work, and of course a lot of tourists  flood the streets all year long.

Havana is one of the most popular night clubs in the heart of the Malta’s clubland. It  plays music from the seventies, eighties and the early nineties.

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  1. The Best Cinema in Malta

Whether it’a date, a family outing, or some much needed me-time, a good movie playing on a big screen is something nobody would turn down. So, if you feel like you are in the mood for a bucket of popcorn, a soft drink, and a blockbuster movie, head over to Malta’s biggest cinema in the heart of St. Julian’s.

  1. Bowling fun at the Eden SuperBowl

This is a great activity especially if you’re on holiday with your family! Kids will absolutely love it, and the place is just opposite the Eden Cinema. Eden super bowl is the largest and most popular bowling centre in Malta, offering disco bowling, kids parties, family pack, and the fun family league.

  1. Travelling Made Easy – Buses Are Frequent And On Time!

As we have seen above, St. Julian’s is a pretty fun place to stay but perhaps, even more notable is that St. Julian’s is also very central. What does this mean?

Well, since St. Julian’s is one of the most urban and busy cities in Malta, buses are very frequent, especially to the Capital City of Malta – Valletta – from where you can catch buses to any location in Malta.

This is an advantage that not all localities have in Malta, which leads us to deduce that St. Julian’s is not only makes it at the top of the list for the perfect place to stay due to the myriad of things one can do, but also due to its prime location on the island!


All in all, we believe St. Julian’s is a wonderful place with a lot of highlights, great people and positive vibes.

We hope you found this blog helpful and has inspired you to grab your bags and come over to visit this beautiful city and all the things it has to offer!

See you on the next post 🙂

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