Top 4 Cultural Festivals in Malta

By March 9, 2017 March 26th, 2018 Intercontinental Malta
isle of MTV stage

The Maltese people are all for enjoying life and having a great time. Festivals in Malta are happening all year round, especially during the summertime, when Malta is buzzing with cultural festivals.

In this blog post, we will be looking closely at the top four must-go-to festivals in Malta.


At the top of the list is undoubtedly The Isle of MTV, an annual music festival organized by MTV Europe in collaboration with local partners G7 Events and with the support of the Malta Tourism Authority.

The Isle of MTV was first held in Malta in 2007, featuring famous performers Akon, Maroon 5 and Enrique Iglesias, and internationally known female Maltese Singer Ira Losco.

Nowadays, it is a well established festival and is considered to be one of the biggest music festivals in Europe.

Every year, different artists and bands perform for over 50,000 people.

Other artists who have performed at the festival include Lady Gaga, The Black Eyed Peas, Snoop Dog, Martin Garrix, Rita Ora,, Hardwell and Jessie J.


The concert is usually held on the 28th of July. This year it has been confirmed that The Chainsmokers will be taking to the open-air stage as the headline performance of the night.


Starting on the 23rd of July is Malta Music Week, which consists of a whole week of fun events including parties on the beach and club nights.

The Malta Music Week is held a week in advance of The Isle of MTV concert and is hosted by the Malta Tourism Authority in collaboration with G7 Events.

The events features both international guests and local artists.

If you’re one to stay up late and dance the night away, then you certainly want to be on this little island just in time for the Malta Music Week.



The Malta International Arts Festival is the biggest arts festival in Malta. It is known for bringing together not only already established artists, but more importantly, emerging artists to its platform.

The festival comprises of a variety of talent, across different art forms, ranging from music and dance, to theatre and film, to site-specific work.

At the Malta Arts Festival, people of different cultures, nationality and age come together to witness spectacular shows and experience a night of awe and wonder.

In 2016, famous composer Arvo Pärt, known for changing the way we understand the nature of music through his own compositional technique called the tintinnabuli style, was a guest at the Malta Arts Festival. The MIAF also created its own choir specifically for the special occasion.


The festival also has a number of free events and an interactive installation. Last year’s installation was called BANDLI. It was set up in Pjazza San Ġorġ for the duration of the festival.

The installation consisted of eight swings that would trigger sounds of different instruments, according to what was assigned to them, and as a result the structure would function like a music ensemble.

The swings were open to be used by both children and adults, and it is no surprise that the adults enjoyed it as much as the children did.

This structure was a great way of engaging the public and in turn, creating a succession of musical notes, depending on the swinging movements.

Another highlight of the night was the gravity-defying Vertical Waves Project, which took place on the facade of the National Library.

Malta National Library

This year, the Malta Arts Festival will run from the 23rd of June till the 15th of July, and promises, as accomplished in previous years, to provide its audience with both local and foreign talent as well as the best quality events.


The Sliema Arts Festival, also known as the Street Arts Festival, provides international and local artists with the opportunity to showcase their many talents.

Although the festival is relatively recent, with the first festival held in 2013, it is certainly not one to miss as it has become one of the most popular and frequented festivals on the island.

malta-sliema-tower-seaIn fact, just a year later, in 2014, the festival attracted over 10,000 visitors. The festival saw its birth thanks to the Sliema Local Council and several local artists.

Every year, more and more artists are encouraged to participate in the festival and to experiment with various forms and mediums. Some of the performances and exhibitions at the festival include street art, graffiti, still art paintings, chalk art, street dancers, and live music.

In previous years there were four or five different areas at the festival. Usually, there is always an area or two positioned at the Independence Gardens, where there is the main stage as well as an art and photography exhibition.

Other areas include Rock The Beach where Alternative and Indie bands take to the stage, and a Raggae Area. Apart from these areas, one can also find a food court and an artisan market, perfect for those lovers of homemade crafts and hand crafted jewellery.

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