iGaming in Malta: 5 Reasons why iGaming in Malta is so Popular

By February 3, 2017 August 29th, 2018 Intercontinental Malta

Around the world, there are many places where iGaming is well established: the United Kingdom, Gibraltar, New Jersey and, Malta! Often, these companies choose these places because of the reduced cost of taxes on the company’s income, although that is not the only reason.

But first – let us answer the question – what exactly is it. The iGaming or online gaming is the wagering of money or some other value on the outcome of an event or a game, using the internet. The iGaming activities include sports betting, poker and online casinos.

In this blog, we present to you five reasons why iGaming in Malta is so popular.

iGaming in Malta: 5 reasons why iGaming in Malta is so popular



You have to know that Malta was one of the first countries to seriously set up regulations regarding iGaming.

Since 2004, the respective authorities have committed themselves to produce new laws and opportunities to allow online companies to grow their business efficiently and with security.

This led to many new, international companies opening – as well as leading to the Maltese islands welcoming already established iGaming companies that wanted to relocate themselves to Malta.

Nowadays, iGaming in Malta has allowed operators the benefit to pay one of the lowest taxes rates in Europe. Also, iGaming in Malta perfectly complies with the European Commission regulations.

Moreover, the costs of renting in Malta is much less expensive when compared to London, Paris and other major capitals in Europe.


Population skills

As we talked about in our previous article, Malta is a former British colony, and this has resulted in the fact that there is still a significant impact of the British culture. Almost everyone speaks English, and many people are well educated to a tertiary level, with many people having a University or a technical degree. This has lead many companies to be attracted to set up their headquarters in our island.

Moreover, there is a vast community of foreign nationals living in Malta with specialist IT qualifications, which can be very useful for iGaming in Malta.

The political stability and a low crime rate are also helping companies to have higher levels of trust in the country.



Each year there are many events organised for the iGaming industry in Malta, such as SiGMA which was hosted in 2016 at the IACC. Whether you are a new startup or a big international company, you will find your place at those events. 

For people who want to organise their own events, we provide at InterContinental Malta a huge arena with a dynamic capability to adapt to all sizes of conferences. For further information about the InterContinental Arena Conference Centre, please visit this link.



As you may already know, Malta is a small island situated in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea between Tunisia and Sicily, which makes it a perfect place for iGaming companies to settle in.

With its ten sunny months, Malta is the perfect destination for people who want to enjoy their holidays and like gaming.

It’s a cheaper alternative to London and closer for European citizen than Las Vegas!


What to keep in mind?

This success story for iGaming in Malta wasn’t developed overnight – Malta has always been improving its regulations to make the iGaming business more comfortable – and it continues to grow from strength to strength.

Malta’s sunny climate, friendly inhabitants and easy going quality of life has given rise to many job opportunities – not just in the iGaming industry but also in sectors such as recruitment, hospitality and any other industry that a company could operate in. 

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog post!

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