Is Malta A Good Place To Visit In January?

By January 2, 2017 August 9th, 2018 Intercontinental Malta
The beautiful island of Malta in January

Being the sunny, tropical island that it is, some might not see much value in visiting Malta during the winter season.

Although we do not get that extreme cold weather here like our northern European friends, it does get a bit “too cold” to sit on the beach and living the “tropical life” (although it’s not rare to be comfortable in a simple t-shirt during winter here).

So is Malta a good place to visit in January? Today we are looking at whether it’s a good idea to visit Malta during the winter time, especially during the”colder months” of January (and February).

In March, things start “heating up” again and then summer is just a few short weeks away, but in winter; things can get a bit tricky.

Is Malta A Good Place To Visit In January?

Is Malta A Good Place To Visit In January?

The answer is yes, but it depends on what you are coming for.

If you want to sit on a beach with a cocktail getting that suntan glow, then January might not be the best time for you to visit Malta.

We recommend anything after May if that’s your wish but if you would like to visit Malta and have no intention of doing anything “summer-y”, then Malta can make for a  wonderful holiday in the winter time.

In fact, as we’ll discuss next, there are a lot of benefits of visiting Malta in January and the winter months.

Benefits Of Visiting Malta In Winter (January)

Low-Cost Flights

Thanks to the many low-cost airlines operating to and from Malta, getting to the island during the winter times is easy and super affordable.

We suggest you book your holiday in advance (sometime around November) and you are guaranteed to find the best pricing for your flights.

Affordable Hotel Rooms

Winter is obviously the low-season for many hotels, so usually, you’ll find hotel room rates are much lower during the winter times.

You can see a selection of our hotel rooms and high-line suites (along with prices) on our website.

Not Too Many Tourist

If you don’t like dealing with crowds and a rush of tourists everywhere you go, then visiting Malta in winter will be a treat for you.

All the tourist attractions you may want to see (more so the not-so-touristy things to do) will be free (or very sparse) from tourists, so you get to explore the island in your own unique way.

What To Do In Malta During Winter

There are many things to do in Malta during the winter time. We have listed some of our favourites here and also, see this list of non-tourist things you may also enjoy.

There are many things you can do in Malta during in Winter so feel free to find out more and make some great plans for when visiting the islands.

What You Should Bring With You On Your Holiday To Malta

As to what you should bring with you if you decide to visit Malta is surely some “heavy” winter clothing.

Although it may never go down below 10°C here, with northern winds regularly hitting and a high level of humid air, it can feel quite cold while out and about so make sure to bring some things with you that will keep you warm.

Here’s also a list if recommended things to travel with when going on holiday.

See You Soon?

So, are you planning on visiting Malta in January or in the other winter months?

We’d love to have you here at the Intercontinental, Malta Hotel in St Julians, and we look forward to hosting you and your family while you are on the island.

Get in touch with us if you require any more information and also see some more of our guides about Malta on our blog.

Thank you very much for reading.

See you soon


Image source: A World To Travel.

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