10 More Reasons Why Malta Is The Perfect Sun Filled Getaway (Part 2)

By December 23, 2016 August 9th, 2018 Intercontinental Malta
Why Malta Is The Perfect Sun Filled Getaway

Earlier this week, we published 10 reasons why we think Malta may just be the perfect holiday for you. In today’s post, we want to share with you 10 more reasons why Malta is the perfect sun-filled getaway.

We hope you enjoy this list. If you haven’t seen part 1 yet, you can do so here.

Reasons Why Malta Is The Perfect Sun Filled Getaway

Reasons Why Malta Is The Perfect Sun Filled Getaway

The Food Is Out Of This World

I’m sure you’ve heard about how fantastic Mediterranean food can be and also, Malta has a contributing factor to all this.

Next, we’ll be talking about some famous Maltese delicacies and drinks that yes, are in their own right a very valid reason fir visiting Malta.

The Maltese Bread

One thing you should know abut Maltese bread is that it is addicting and the bad thing abut it is that it is found nowhere else in the world.

We’d recommend you try it, but remember our warning about it.


Pastizzi may not be the healthiest thing in the world, but ask any Maltese person, and they would surely tell you that they are surely one of the tastiest things you can ever try.

Pastizzi is a form of pastry that is either filled with ricotta or mushy peas, sounds simple; but take my word for it; delicious.

Obviously while having a pastizz, you have to wash it down with a……

A Cold Cisk In Summer

A good reason to visit Malta is to try the world famous, award winning beer that is Cisk Lager. Give it a go, and let us know your thoughts about it.

If you want something not alcoholic, also try the Maltese soft drink; Kinnie. It’s an acquired taste, but those who like it LOVE it and those who hate, will let you know about it.

One Of Europe’s Best Airports

Moving away from the sights, smells and taste of Malta, let’s now talk about some of the excellent facilities that would make Malta the perfect summer destination for you and your family.

Your first point of contact with anything Maltese would obviously be, the airport.

The Malta international airport is considered the #1 best in Europe so we’re sure you will have an excellent time arriving on the islands.

At the airport, you’ll also find a lot of guides and transportation to get you going.

The Beaches

Being an island n the Mediterranean, Malta has beaches everywhere, and they are the perfect place where you can chill and relax on your holiday.

Friendly Locals

Speak English

Over 95% of the population here speak English as a second language, so the language barrier is not an issue. You will also find many locals that apart from Maltese and English also speak a variety of European languages such as Italian (also very popular), Spanish, French and German.

it’s safe to say that communicating with the locals while on holiday will never be an issue in Malta.

Not Far From Anywhere

Malta is a tiny, tiny island. On some world maps, it’s not even visible (one the ones that it is visible, it’s made to look bigger).

This means that all the sights and sounds we’ve talked about in this post can be easily accessible with a maximum of 30-minute drive everywhere (of course not factoring in traffic time).

Malta’s length is about 24km with a width of 14.5km so everywhere is practically close. Gozo and Comino are even smaller so everywhere is easily accessible by car, by public transport and also by foot if you’re feeling adventurous.

A General Relaxed Attitude

The island life already signifies a laid back attitude and here in Malta is no different. You will find the overall vibe of the islands oozes a chilled, laid back peaceful attitude.

Thank You For Reading

We hope you enjoyed this first part of this post; you can see more reasons why Malta is the perfect sun-filled getaway in part 2 of this post.

We look forward to hosting you at Intercontinental Malta so if you have any questions about the hotel, our hotel rooms or Malta in general, be sure to get in touch with us.

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog post!

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