How To Get Around In Malta: Your Transportation Guide When Visiting Malta

By December 9, 2016 August 9th, 2018 Intercontinental Malta
How To Get Around In Malta

Malta is not a big island, that we can all agree on but it is big enough that if you want to travel around, you’ll need to know how to get around in Malta with the use of transport (along with) other not-so-conventional ways of exploring the island.

If you’re visiting Malta, then you need to make a note if this guide we have for you here InterContinental Malta and we hope you find it useful for you to be able to fully explore Malta’s unique beauty and sights.

How To Get Around In Malta

Using The Bus Service In Malta

The most common type of transport you can use is the bus. Buses are everywhere in Malta and you will find a bus stop all around the island that you can use to get around while on your holiday.

They are cheap, quick and they’ll get you to the place you want to go in no time (seeing as how Malta is a small island).

You can visit the official website of Transport Malta to get a map of the bus routes and you can also download the Tal-Linja app on your phone for quick and easy access.

Taking A Taxi

Taxis are also popular although you will find them mostly in tourist areas such as the airport, outside hotels and at special events that happen round Malta.

Please keep in mind that unlike abroad, in Malta you can’t just “hail a cab”. It does require you to book a taxi service although when you first arrive, you can easily find a taxi that will get you to your location from the airport itself (along with other transportation).

Hiring A Bike While On Holiday

Bikes are also gaining popularity in Malta and we’re often asked by our guests at InterContinental Malta about where to rent bikes to be able to get around.

Bikes are the perfect choice if you want to do some exploring in Malta. Speaking of which, here are some “off the beaten path” spots you may want to visit while vacationing here in Malta.

Hopping On The Gozo Ferry

Do you plan on visiting Gozo? You should! 

You can either swim it (no, that’s a joke don’t try that), or else catch the ferry that runs from the early morning to late at night between Malta & Gozo.

Gozo is a wonderful place for you to see and explore so make it a point to visit while you’re here. Our professional concierge service at InterContinental Malta can help plan out your trip to Gozo for you.

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Ever Been On A Segway?

As of recently, due to the small size of Malta, we are surprisingly seeing a spike in locals and tourists using Segways to get to and from many different locations around Malta.

Segways can be rented from many places and dedicated shops here in Malta and they are great for beating out the traffic and exploring the island in your own special, unique way.

You should definitely consider renting a segway for your trip to Gozo seeing as how the island is even smaller than Malta.

The Sliema-To-Valletta Ferry

Another option to quickly get “across the pond” from Sliema to visit Valletta, Malta’s capital city, is by a new ferry service that runs throughout the day.

It might not get you there any quicker, but you absolutely have to see the amazing sites of Valletta from the sea as it is a sight to remember for sure.

More than just a means to get around Malta, the Sliema to Valletta ferry may also be considered as an excursion in itself on your way to (or from) Valletta.

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Getting Transport To (& From) InterContinental Malta


Our hotel is located in the central part of Malta which means that it is easily accessible to you and your family.

In the hotel itself and around the town of St Julian’s (where IC Malta is located) you will find all the taxis, buses and Segways you’ll ever need to travel to and from the hotel.

We look forward to seeing you here in Malta and we look forward to showing you more of our beautiful island.

Let us know how we can help you by talking to one of our concierge professionals and let us do the work for you.

See you on the next blog.


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