Where to Spend your Christmas 2019

By October 20, 2019 November 13th, 2019 Intercontinental Malta

Christmas is a beautiful time, a time to spend with your friends, family and loved ones. It is a time to be thankful, appreciate your place in the world, the people around you and appreciate what you have. It is also a time to give back! Help the people around you, your community and ultimately the world. 

Being that Malta has so many events going around, Christmas time is no exception with enough parties and events to go round. But where should you spend your Christmas?


The city does not need a feast to be special, it is a beautiful and cultural trip on its own, but as Christmas looms closer, the decorations start coming up. Every road is decorated in its own special way, just walking through Republic street is its own experience with all the decorations giving it a new flare. The city truly lights up with in light of the Christmas spirit, and occasionally music is played along Republic street adding that extra magical feel to the city.

Besides this, restaurants, bars and cafes also give off a new feel to dining, since all of them decorate in their own unique way the experience of going to eat at night in the city is completely reimagined. Each restaurant will have its own unique decorations and Christmas surprises happening around the corner so be sure to go eat in Valletta at night during this season because it is truly a wonderful experience. Make sure to book from before due to the fact that everyone will be looking to go out for family dinners, so reserve your spot so you won’t be disappointed!

Balls and Parties

During Christmas time and New Years, there will be a lot of balls and parties happening all throughout the island in most of the party venues. They will all be playing different music, with different themes and ultimately have different crowds. This is something not to be missed if you are going to spend Christmas in Malta the right way. 

Choose which party or parties you want to attend and buy your ticket from beforehand because they sell out really fast. If you happen to change your mind you can always sell your ticket, you will find people wanting to attend the party. Usually, these parties will also have an open bar so you will be sorted for the night.

Make sure to not drink and drive. Before the night begins make sure someone is the designated driver or reserve a taxi for a specific time. Do not drink and drive, do not put people you love in danger and the people around you in danger. There are a lot of taxi companies in Malta so finding a taxi/van should not be a problem.


Pantomimes are a big deal in Malta. There are several theatre companies, and all of them have their very own pantomime with their very own original story. Some take place in schools, MFCC and Teatru Manoel. These shows are for the whole family to attend because some jokes are aimed at children and other more subtle jokes are aimed at a more mature audience so you truly get the best of both worlds and all the family can enjoy the show.

Again, when it comes to these shows, make sure to book from before, usually, they span over two weeks and ripple onto January so it is quite hard to miss a show if you really want to go. But always be safe because of venues like the Manoel which has significantly fewer seats than what MFCC can support, so always be on the look-out!


Christmas is a time of love, appreciation and thankfulness, so whatever you do never forget to it with love. There are more events and places where one can attend for Christmas, we have only scratched the surface. Whatever you do, never forget to not drink and drive, this is important since it is the season to celebrate, make sure to celebrate responsibly and catch a taxi or ask for a lift, never put anyone’s life in danger during this time. Other than that, make sure to enjoy this festive time and surround yourself with the people you care for the most!

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