Blue Grotto: The South’s Hidden Gem

By September 10, 2019 September 23rd, 2019 Intercontinental Malta

Malta has a lot of beautiful spots, let them be small or big there are certain areas which are just amazing to just stand-in and just be. 

I’m talking about places like Mdina, Upper Barraka in Valletta, Dingli Cliffs, Comino and also Blue Grotto.

Blue Grotto is a beautiful place in the southern region of Malta which everyone must experience at least once because it is truly an impeccable wonder and you will not regret a minute of it.

Blue Grotto is not one of those places which you can visit on a regular basis, but if you are going to visit Malta make sure that you tick this off your list.

Once you actually reach your destination, before making your way down next to the sea be sure to just take in the spectacular view of the sea and the natural arch of Blue Grotto.

When you’re there in the distance you can see a small tiny island just off the coast, around 5km out.

There are boat trips for you to actually go to the Blue Grotto and surrounding caves, which, if you have travelled for so long, you must do! 

The prices or not steep at all and the wait is also not very long. Make sure to go early because obviously in peak hour you would end up waiting a bit for your turn on the boat. 

Either way, even if you wait a bit, it is worth your time, so be sure to get on one of these boat tours. You do not want to miss the beautiful cliffs, the Grotto and also several caves next to it!

After Blue Grotto there are several things you can do, if you can and wish to do so, you can drive to the fishing village of Marsaxlokk

This place is a very popular attraction for locals and tourists alike because of the wide variety of fresh fish being sold during the same morning. 

Although the market was originally a fish mark, it has grown and developed further, where vendors also sell locally produced fruits, fruit jams, honey, vegetables, clothes, wine and a lot more stuff. If you are not keen on fish, you will still find stuff you can buy!

Other than that you can also visit the Hagar Qim temples which are Europes oldest free-standing structures. After you can always go grab a bite to eat in Qrendi which is the neighbouring village.


The Blue Grotto is one of the prettiest vistas you will ever see and you will surely not regret going a bit out of your way to experience such a location. 

The drive there is also beautiful because if you have the time and can pass from next to Dingli Cliffs, you will experience some of Maltas most beautiful views.

Be sure to check out locations like these. This is what gives the island character, having small but impressive sights and experiences which you will not find anywhere else in the world. 

Blue Grotto is one of them, the blue lagoon is another. Going to eat at Fontanella is also something else. 

Do your research on these locations and you will not regret it, we have only scratched the surface when it comes to these types of locations so read up! Make your trip worthwhile.

Other than the Grotto, you can visit Marsaxlokk and see the market, you can always site down in a restaurant in Marsaxlokk where you can eat the catch of the day, which would have been caught in the early hours of the morning, so you are getting the freshest fish on the island. Besides Marsaxlokk go grab a bite to eat in Qrendi if you wish too, both quite are close from where you will be.

Make sure to go prepared as the sun will be brutal especially in the summer so take a lot of water and skin protection. 

Moreover, make sure to know what buses you are going to catch if you do not have a car and search hotels in Malta which will be close to the locations you want to visit or frequent the most.

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