Malta’s Airport: The Most Beautiful in Europe

By August 10, 2019 September 23rd, 2019 Intercontinental Malta
malta airport

Malta has a lot going for it, it’s convenient, it’s mostly sunny throughout the year, the summer is always buzzing with life, the beaches, the sea the nightlife and events.

But one thing that goes unnoticed is how efficient and comfortable the airport is.

Anyone who loves travelling knows that having a convenient and efficient airport will instantly give you a good impression on how your trip will pan out and luckily we have one of the best airports in Europe.

Since the country is rather small, we do not have different airports for different airlines like other countries, we just have one airport for all.

This means that all tourists and people looking to travel are all funnelled through one system.

As a consequence of this our airport is always filled with life and people. In being so populated the airport staff seeks to keep the whole place clean, efficient and as up-to-date as possible in order to give anyone who uses its facilities the best experience.


This is one of the biggest perks. Nothing is far away in Malta and this is especially true for the airport.

The place is exactly in the middle of Malta, so wherever you want to go you are around 20 to 30 minutes away from your destination of choice.

Not to mention that the bus terminus is a few steps exactly as you walk out of the airport and you can catch a taxi from inside. 

The airport also has a pharmacy inside which stays open till around 10 pm, so if you ever land, or before take-off and you need something urgently, the pharmacist will always be there ready to help you for whatever you want.

Smoking Area

An additional perk for those who wish to smoke is the smoking area in the airport. Some airports do not have this which creates a bit of tension with people who smoke.

But the smoking area in Malta’s airport is rather spacious and you can grab a coffee or something from the cafe next to it. You can also enjoy the airports’ view, seeing planes take off and land.

Inside the Airport

The airport itself is rather small, but as I mentioned previously it is not devoid of life.

Since a lot of people are in the airport, there are a lot of shops, restaurants and cafes to choose from.

While you’re waiting for someone, you can always grab a coffee and something to eat.

But while you’re waiting to board a plane you can always browse the many shops that customs has.

There are clothing stores, book shops, accessory shops, cafes and restaurants a viewing/smoking deck. You can find stuff to be entertained with while waiting for your plane.

The airport also has a viewing deck, if you are waiting for someone and you arrived a bit early, you can always grab a coffee from one of its cafes and head on up to the viewing deck with a wide view of the airport and all the activity that is happening on the runway and around the airspace.

Some airports tend to feel deserted and devoid of life but Malta’s airport prides itself in being the complete opposite.

The airport enjoys all the people that visit and go through and want to create the best experience they can. Even going through security is as smooth as ever,


The country cannot and does not need a bigger airport, partly because we do not have space for it and also because we do not need a bigger airport.

What we have is enough and in it being small it has character, there is a lot of life and beauty in the airport and this comes in part with it being rather small. 

The location of the airport is also one of its biggest perks if you are looking to go anywhere in Malta you will arrive there in no time.

And in we have a variety of hotels in Malta from which one can choose from but they are all practically equidistant from the airport, so make sure you pick somewhere you will love and enjoy thoroughly.

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