What to expect in Summer 2019?

By July 20, 2019 September 17th, 2019 Intercontinental Malta

The perks of living on an island are many. But one which everyone looks forward too is summer.

With longer days, warmer nights, beaches, BBQs and parties whats not to look forward to.

Summer is always packed with amazing events and festivals, three months filled with activities, there is always something to be excited about.

With events around each corner here we are going to discuss events which you should definitely put on your calendar and make it a point to go. 

Earth Garden

Earth Garden spans over 4 days and takes place in the Ta’ Qali grounds. You can expect amazing music all throughout and great activities which take place during the entirety of the festival.

Ranging from rock music to electro and house music, you surely have what to do during the evening.

There is also a jamming area where different artists can do and play different instruments, either the ones which the festival provides or the ones you bring with you.

The jamming area creates a beautiful atmosphere of people and energy coming together to create music and art.

 You can also take a stroll along with the stalls and see what each vendor is selling.

Each year the stalls get bigger and better and everyone tries their utmost to sell their product and showcase what their shop has to offer.

If you are keen on living the experience to its full extent, camping is the way to go.

A lot of people camp and for a good reason. You become friends with everyone, you create a small community of people with similar interests and love for the festival and everything it encompasses.

The Farsons Beer Festival

This a national event. For two weeks straight Ta’ Qali grounds are once again turned into a beer-loving festival and the best thing is that it is a free entrance. 

The beer festival is mainly split up into two, the main stage, which has all of Malta’s biggest acts, bands like Manatapu, Tribali, Ira Losco etc, and on the other stage, the Alternative stage we have all of Malta’s rock, heavy metal, rap groups and other genres, all coming together to create an electrifying experience for all the festival-goers.

Along with great music and energy, you can buy beer for various different locations, you can either buy pints or half pints and you have a selection of locally sourced beer and foreign beers, ciders and ales.

This event lasts for a whole two weeks, so you can see your favourite bands, book time-off and enjoy the festival.

Always remember, if you are going to drink plan from before and book a taxi or bus. Never drink and drive!

Glitch Festival

Glitch is an annual techno festival, and it is getting bigger and bigger every year.

Massive artists come down to Malta on the legendary stage to perform to a massive crowd of techno lovers.

The festival is split into many stages and the artists will keep performing in the early hours of the morning, so if you are going to this festival, make sure you have nothing to do the morning after because you will be exhausted.

The festival usually ends with a boat party, so when buying your tickets make sure you buy for the boat party too because you do not want to miss this.

If you enjoy this area of music, Malta’s techno scene is a very strong one, so be sure to check any artists that might be visiting the country and playing in one of the many clubs around the island.


Summer in Malta is packed full of events, and we’ve only scratched the surface.

Malta is also known to have an amazing nightlife, so if you are not attending any one of these make sure to visit Paceville and enjoy the numerous amount of bars and clubs all next to each other.

If you are looking for accommodation there are many hotels in Malta for you to choose from, it all depends on your budget and your location.

Never forget to stay safe, do not drink and drive, because you will be putting yourself and others at risk.

Besides this make sure to plan from before and research events which might be happening during your vacation.

The article tackled big events but there are also other smaller events which are worth visiting or even exhibitions that might be happening in Valletta and other locations.

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