Musical Events in August 2019 That You Must Attend

By July 10, 2019 September 17th, 2019 Intercontinental Malta

Malta is one of the best locations for a vacation. The beaches, sun, sea, beautiful vistas and parties all culminate on this beautiful island.

During the summer the island springs back to life with people ready for the long nights and tourists looking to enjoy their time basking in the heat.

Along with the exciting island life comes a flurry of events, festivals and parties which should not be missed.

Here we will be discussing musical events which you should not miss out on.

Beer Festival

This amongst one of the biggest events in Malta, it starts in late July and ripples onto August.

Beer fest spans a whole two weeks and they are two weeks filled with life, energy, music and a lot of beer. 

The festival is predominantly split into two, the main stage where all of Malta’s biggest artist go on and perform, while also having a smaller alternate stage, this is where the smaller acts go while still creating an electrifying experience that is surely not to be missed!

There are two stages, but there is a lot more from where to buy beer, but besides beer, there are also ciders, different ales and other drinks.

The Farsons Beer Festival is an event which people look forward all summer because people know they are going to get a great show mixed with some great locally sourced beer and also international beer.

If you are going to drink, be sure that you will not drive. Never drink and drive, always carpool with someone who is not going to drink or catch a taxi or bus ride home. Keep your loved ones safe and the people around you safe!

Summer Daze

This event is one which is sought after by a lot of people, some of which come from abroad to attend.

Summer Daze brings artists like David Guetta, Tyga, James Arther, The Martinez Brothers and many others all come for five nights of great fun and good energy all around.

There will be a lot more artists while also having local artists support such a massive event.

Glitch Festival

This is a massive festival with big names when it comes to the techno genre. Names like Ben Klock, Helena Hauff, Charlotte De Witte, Mall Grab, for two days of partying and a lot of fun.

The festival usually starts late afternoon but the music keeps on going till the early hours of the morning, so you will have enough time to dance and move around will going back home to rest, recharge on go back in for more dancing in the second day.

The festival has several stages, some more personal than the others so if you attend make sure that you go around and see which place you prefer more.

Also due to a large number of artists attending Glitch fest, be sure to listen to them from beforehand and try to get a feel for what their music is!

You can never be too safe, so always go to prepared, never drink and drive and beware of losing any of your stuff. Do not take any expensive items with the risk of losing them.

Final Words

Here we only touched on a few festivals and events which will be taking place in August.

Make sure to check any other events you might like and plan accordingly, because, besides festivals, summer also hosts amazing parties.

Be sure to check your calendar of events and reserve a lot of dates in August for you to be free and party.

These festivals are large and famous, so a lot of people attend them, you can never be too prepared so make sure you and your friends stay safe.

If you are looking to come here for these events, in the island we are not short of hotels in Malta so make sure to check which festivals/parties you will be attending and book accordingly.

The nightlife on the island is also something else so make sure to visit places like Paceville and Gianpula for a truly unique experience.

Boat parties and beach parties are also a massive deal here so be on the look-out for those too!

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