Top Beaches in Malta to Spend Your Summer 2019

Summer. For many of us, this season reminds us of times when cooling swims, hot sunny days, and barbecue nights ruled everyday life.

As temperatures are rising slowly, the option to go to the beach is getting nearer as well.

It’s time to bury your toes in the sand and let the sun heat your scalp while feeling the slight summer breeze tickle your skin. Now, the tricky part is choosing which beach to go to.

Malta has loads of nice places where you can take a dip in the sea, but we’ll show you the best beaches in Malta and discuss the ups and downs they come accompanied with.

Let’s dive in!

Golden Bay – Mellieħa

The most well known beach in Malta has to be Golden Bay. This sandy beach is perfect for all beach lovers who prefer a touch of convenience around.

The beach is surrounded with all amenities you might need while spending a day at the beach. The downside?

The fact that it is so well equipped ensures it is usually very crowded, especially during sunny weekends. If you do decide to head to this beach on the west-coast of Malta, get there early in the morning!

St Peter’s pool – Marsaxlokk

This rocky beach in the south-east of Malta is truly a piece of heaven on earth. Truth be told, there are no actually luxury services available and even the presence of toilets is not granted to the visitors of this natural pool.

Nonetheless, this beach is lovely for (safe) cliff diving, tanning and even snorkelling due to its clear blue water.

To get from Marsaxlokk to St. Peter’s Pool will take a firm 30 minute walk, but as it’s quite an intense walk we’d recommend going there by scooter.

Parking your car can be tricky, so a scooter will be the most convenient! While you are there, take a look around in Marsaxlokk and have a tasty seafood lunch while enjoying the seaside view!

Ghajn tuffieha – Mġarr

This beach may be better known as Riviera beach and it’s fairly close to Golden Bay. It does take a walk down 100+ flight of steps to get to the beach, so pack lightly!

In our opinion, it is definitely worth the climb as you’ll find clear blue water and silky sand.

It’s easy to get some food and drinks while you’re spending the day there. The beach does offer limited parking but is even easier to reach by bus (bus stop Riviera).

St. Georges Bay – St. Julians

We understand that most of the beaches discussed in this article require quite a trip to get there.

For all you people who don’t feel like taking a big journey to get to the beach, there’s St. Georges Bay.

At a 5 minute walk from St. Julians centre, Paceville, it is easy to reach and all the things you could need during a day at the beach are right around the corner.

Bear in mind, it is a small beach and on sunny days this is one of the places that will get really crowded really quickly.

Daħlet il-Fekruna Bay – Saint Paul’s Bay

One of Malta’s hidden gems and an amazing place to spend your beach day: Daħlet il-Fekruna Bay.

Sheltered from heavy winds, it’s a great sun-drenched spot in Saint Paul’s bay. The Maltese name Daħlet il-Fekruna translates to Turtle Cove in English and is also known as Fekruna beach.

It can be hard to reach, but is definitely worth the hassle as this beach is very easy on the eyes!

BONUS – Best beach in Gozo: Ramla Beach

When spending some days in Malta you should take some time to visit at least one of the other islands in the archipelago as well.

Gozo is only a 20 minute ferry trip away and will show you a whole other side of Malta.

Gozo holds many cool places for you to visit, but one of our favourites is Ramla beach.

Located in the North of the island and being the biggest sandy beach of the island, Ramla beach is truly one must see when visiting.

The red-golden colour of the sand only adds to the fact that the view is mindblowing. Ramla beach is easily accessible by scooter, car or bus and offers several options for refreshments.

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Go and see all of the beaches mentioned in this article and make up your mind about which one your favorite is!

If you would like a guide to village feasts, then read our article.

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