4 Spectacular Sights around Malta

Malta, the country in the middle of the Mediterranean. Malta, the European country with a complicated history.

Used by foreign armies as a naval base, Malta is the forefront of European history when it comes to wars and other historic fights.

But the constant bombarding doesn’t stop the country to shine and is liable for some spectacular sights which we will go through this article.

Upper Barakka Gardens, Valletta

Image Source: TripAdvisor

The Upper Barakka Gardens are a public garden in Valletta. This garden is spectacular by itself, but it also has a panoramic view of the Grand Harbour.

While the Upper Barakka Gardens are found on the St. Peter & St. Paul Bastion, it contains the Saluting Battery which was used in the early days of the country.

What used to be a recreational area for the Knights of Malta, now are available for the public to take pictures and spend memories in these historic Gardens.

The Upper Barrakka Gardens is also home for some of the most beautiful monuments in Malta especially the replica of the statue Les Gavroches by the Maltese Sculptor Antonio Sciortino.

Due to being on the high point of Valletta, it has an amazing position to be able to watch the sensation sight of the grand harbour together with the three cities and other parts of the country.

Wied il-Mielah Window, Gharb

Image Source: Aquarium Malta

The Wied il-Mielah Window is found on the coast of the Island of Gozo. Its location is at the end of the Gharb Valley.

This natural arch grew in popularity after the famous events of March 2017 when Gozo’s popular Azure Window fell apart following a heavy storm.

To get to the window you need to take the road from Gharb which directly gets you the beautiful coast with a spectacular view.

While there is available parking you have to get up a narrow staircase as the parking is on the lowest ground.

Gozo is known for the numerous must-see caves around the island, the Wied il-Mielah Window is more and more becoming the favourite natural arch of tourists and locals alike.

Blue Grotto, Zurrieq

Image Source: Aquarium Malta

One of the main locations that a tourist visit in his time in Malta is the Blue Grotto. And who blames them?

Blue Grotto is popular for swimming, diving and snorkeling also offers the chance to watch the Hagar Qim Temple with just 30 mins by walk away.

What about the spectacular sights? Easy, the panoramic sea views which also contains the view of Filfla.

Blue Grotto is simply in the top 3 if not first, in the list for people who want to get a nice view, watch the sunset or take breathtaking photographs.

Also, diving experienced people can’t go wrong by visiting the underwater attraction of the Um El Faroud wreck.

In Blue Grotto, you can also make use of the traditional Maltese boats for more spectacular views which you can’t get by just sitting at Blue Grotto.

One can choose to walk the promenade which separates Blue Grotto and Hagar Qim. It’s quite popular with locals in the early morning.

Mdina, All of it

Image Source: Pierre Faure

Mdina might have lost the title of Malta capital city but will never lose it’s mesmerizing, beautiful and spectacular sights.

The Silent City has a number of dungeons, cathedrals, and gardens which will make your eyes fail to blink while you visit Mdina.

But what makes the city as it is, are the architectures on the place.  During the early ages, the homes in Mdina were owned by the noble families and were passed down by generations.

Being owned by the wealthy, these homes were always going to include beautiful sculptures and architecture that make you want to buy one (a bit impossible).

The best picture you can take of Mdina is by being out of it. If you are passing by Rabat or other roads that lead to the North you will notice a lighted city.

That’s Mdina. During the night is lighted up to shine from other cities in the country.

Spectacular Sights, Spectacular Rooms

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Leave your suggestions below about any other spectacular sights you might come across during your time in Malta.

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