How To Spend Your Easter In Malta 2019?

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40 days after Carnival 2019 and weeks after the Freedom Day 2019, it’s time for one popular festivity around Catholics around the world. Easter.  This year’s Easter is coming later than last year, in fact, proceedings start with Our Lady of Sorrows on Friday 12th April 2019 with the Holy Week officially starting the Sunday after. 

In this article we will give you a low down of celebrations of Easter in Malta 2019. 

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Our Lady of Sorrows

A list of villages and cities will start Easter in Malta 2019 by carrying their loved statue of Our Lady of Sorrows through the streets of the village on the 12th April.

In Valletta, some penitents lock heavy chains with their ankles or walk barefoot behind the statue of the Our Lady of Sorrows to show observation for this holiday.

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Palm Sunday

The next celebration for the Easter in Malta 2019 is on Sunday 14th April were some villages and cities do a faithful walk and wave holy blessed palm leaves or olive branches across Malta and Gozo.

These blessed palm leaves or olive branches are given to faithfuls as a blessing.

Maundy Thursday

During this day, many people come together to visit numerous last supper exhibitions and create their own supper with the food associated with the last supper such as rice and pasta.

These last supper exhibitions takes months for volunteers to prepare together with the parish as Easter is a traditional and devoted feast in the country.

In the same exhibitions some parishes also offer the chance to watch a gallery of miniatures of the statues that are out on the good Friday.

In this Thursday, a mass service is given by the village or city church priest where he washes 12 chosen people feet to symbolise Jesus washing the apostles feet.

This mass is then followed by followers doing the Seven Visits. The seven visits tradition is to visit 7 churches around the country and say a prayer in each one but you are allowed to do it on the same church and say 7 prayers.

Maundy Thursday is also popular for the procession held at Girgenti. This procession starts from the village square of Siggiewi in the evening and walk up Girgenti Hill to the Laferla Cross. During this procession a torch is lit up and held up during the procession.

As like other years, Easter in Malta 2019 look to be another hectic festive period for devotees. 

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Good Friday

Next up for Easter in Malta 2019 is Good Friday. This day is all about mourning the dead of Christ. Even churches, they don’t hold any mass but stay open as per the Maltese tradition, people go to kiss the foot of Christ on the cross.

Good Friday is known for the detailed statues and pageants which are held around the country. The statutes are lifted by devoted people who subscribe years before the pageant as they fill up easily!

These pageants are full of people in every village or city that happen and is one of the most popular feast in the country. Good Friday is a public holiday.

The statutes are themed for every chapter of the passion of the Christ and each village or city has different statutes from another. In these pageants there is also themed characters such  as the Romans or the philistines.

Just like the Our Lady of Sorrows, some cities also encourage penitents walking barefoot or holding a cross with them.


Finally, the celebrations end on Sunday the 21st. Celebrations start by holding a mass in the night before Easter. Then, on Easter churches priests start blessing children’s Figolli after the noon mass.

Then some cities hold a procession with Risen Christ, with some even run away with it to take it back in the church at the end. After the procession, families get together for lunch and for dessert they eat the traditional Easter eggs, Figolli and Quarisimal.

People will be hoping that this Easter in Malta 2019 will be sunny so that people enjoy it fully in the Maltese Archipelago whether it’s in Malta or Gozo.

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