Malta International Fireworks Festival 2019

There are no fireworks without mentioning Malta and there is no Malta without mentioning fireworks. Malta has been pioneers of pyrotechnics since ancient times. We are talking Order of the Knights of St. John ancient times.

The Knights used the fireworks to celebrate a success or special occasions such as an appointment of a new Grand Master and a pope. Nowadays it’s used for villages festivals around the country and annual festivals such as the Malta International Fireworks Festival 2019.

The inspiration of the Maltese fireworks comes from the cannon shots and musket fire produced by musketeers to salute or welcome any high ranked officer to the country. The Musket fire gave birth to the “musketterija” which is a number of crackers in the sky during villages festivals in the summer.

But the “musketterija” didn’t turn to fireworks just that. The “musketterija” evolved from a quick succession of firecrackers to colorful shots which made the sky resplendent from blue.

This gave the birth to another different type of fireworks, the St. Catherines wheels. The fireworks that are attached through a pole on the ground and movement generate a spectacular show once a week in every village feast in the country.

This is a basic history of how the fireworks evolved from the musket fire from a gun to a pole attached in the ground. Touted there is about 35 fireworks factories around Malta. With certain villages, towns, or cities having 2 due to having 2 feasts.

Criticism always surrounds fireworks due to air pollution, noise pollution and causes of death to fireworks artists, but bluntly can be said that it’s not ever happening. Taking the fireworks from the country is like taking the fish out of the water.

During the Malta International Fireworks Festival 2019, a number of firework factories will be competing to win the annual festival.

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The Malta International Fireworks Festival 2019

This year’s festival will be starting on Wednesday 24th April and ends on Saturday 4th May. The event will be 18th annual festival announced by the Ministry for Tourism and the Malta Tourism Authority.

The main event will be on the 4th of May in Floriana. Make no mistake, each night promises to be a spectacular and brilliant display of flowers of magic in the sky.

As mentioned before, the festival is an opportunity for fireworks factories to compete. One major factor of the competition is the quality and matching of the pyrotechnics with the musical number.

In this pyromusical competition, not just local firework factories take part but also international. In fact last year, two of the awards were won from two international fireworks factories.


The Malta International Fireworks Festival 2019 will be as follows:

  • Wednesday 24th April 2019: Mqabba
  • Saturday 27th April 2019: Xaghra
  • Tuesday 30th April 2019: Valletta
  • Saturday 4th May 2019: The Granaries, Floriana

What happened last year?

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Image Source: Malta International Fireworks Festival

4th Place: Martarello SRL

4th place was achieved by Italian fireworks factory, Martarello SRL. Bar the fireworks, Mortarello SRL also sells pyrotechnics legaly in Italy. Their mission statement is all about “giving emotions”.

3th Place: Phoenix Fireworks

3th place was achieved by British fireworks factory Phoenix Fireworks. The 3rd place is just one of the exclusive club of awards they currently hold. They also hold the award “Professional Firework Company” for their innovative fireworks around the world.

2nd Place: St. Mary’s Fireworks Factory

2nd place was an honor for the Maltese as it was achieved by one of their own. The Ghaxaq St. Mary’s Fireworks Factory hold the award of coming only second to the best on the 4 nights. This fireworks factory is also a village fireworks factory which takes part of saluting their patron St. Mary.

1st Place: Rozzi Fireworks from the USA

1st place was won by American fireworks factor Rozzi Fireworks. This award contributes to their continued service to give training to potential pyrotechnicians and ultimately a license to be able to do fireworks.

Question is who will be the winner of the Malta International Fireworks Festival 2019?

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