3 things to expect from Carnival Malta 2019

By February 13, 2019 Intercontinental Malta

The Carnival in Malta is one of the main events that you associate with the country. It’s history and prestige date back to the Knight’s of St. John’s era, by Grandmaster Piero de Ponte in 1535 to be exact.

From that time it evolved, yes, but the facet of the event is still in the country and is still the most traditional event expected by the citizens and tourists alike. It’s evolution led the Carnival to involve more satire down the years, which puts aside any kind of discrimination in 5 days to just laugh and stay together and laugh.

The Carnival will start with the unveiling of the traditional King Carnival and ends on Tuesday, a day before Ash Wednesday.

The main places of the Carnival this year are as like last year, Valletta and Nadur with some festivities in Ghaxaq and other local areas.

So what to expect from carnival Malta 2019?

Image Source: Visit Malta

Magical Costumes

During the festivities, Maltese Carnival is known for the funny and incredible detailed floats. However, Malta also includes dancing both with floats and without the floats.

And guess what? The dancing doesn’t just take months of training but also the weight of the beautifully designed costume.

These dancing act will take part in 4 sections competition and the best and magical act will win each section.

But competition apart, the general public also play an important part in getting the carnival as big as it is with magical costumes.

This year won’t disappoint. Trends of carnival costumes start from small fruit costumes such as a banana suit to big ideas such as a television or a group costume of a dragon.

Costumes can be controversial sometimes but there is no law against any type of costumes. If you go back to the Lascaris Era, women were banned from wearing masks but the country obviously evolved and thanks to human rights women are allowed to wear the same costumes that men wear.

Some controversial ideas down the years were the priest and costumes which was seen as a sacrilegious act for the religion.

Magical, funny and Viral costumes included people wearing a television set or a can. Magical costumes are just one thing what to expect from Carnival Malta 2019.

Artistic Floats

Several Malta and Gozo carnival photos have the same flow. A person or a child with an artistic float. Let’s face it, artistic floats are what makes the carnival it is today, not just in Malta but everywhere.

During the days of Carnival, a numerous of exceptional artistic floats go across the capital or other carnival frenzy villages around the country, with Gozo being one of the best to be as well.

The Artistic Floats takes a year, with some even planned years before and is a cult in the tradition of the country. Some live for these festivity days.

Just like costumes, artistic floats take part in 4 sections competitions with the award being a privilege for winners around Malta and Gozo.

One issue that the time of the carnival may be problematic is what happens in the winter and it could be liable for bad weather. Hence, ruining the great work and effort that competitors put in these artistic floats.

With a summer carnival already happening in the summer in Bugibba, there were talks to move the big carnival to summer. However, critics rightly said that Carnival is derived from a traditional feast before the 40 days of Ash.

Brillant and beautiful artistic floats are the second thing to expect in Carnival Malta 2019.

“Prinjulata” Exposure…a lot too

Prinjulata is a traditional Maltese dessert which is out during Carnival festivities. The exposure is big and who can blame shops to take the opportunity to increase sales? It won’t be different in Carnival Malta 2019.

The name is derived from the Maltese name “Prinjol” which is the definition of the English word pine nut. Needless to say, the Prinjolata is made of Pine nuts both in the filling and the topping.

The Prinjolata starts appearing in early January and is often said that it targets kids but it’s no secret that adults love it too.

Dubbed as the King Carnival Cake could have a lot of calories so one must be careful how much eats.

And it can be also made home-made! Other traditional carnival desserts are the perlini, which are made available during the carnival.

The perlini are strong sweets which you let it in your mouth and enjoy the powerful taste before cracking the nut.


Another year, another carnival and another big feast in Malta. Make sure you treat yourself between the 1st and 5th of March 2019 with these 3 things you can expect in Carnival Malta 2019.

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