A Guide To Party In Malta


Malta is known to be a hot destination for many reasons; 300 days of sun, crystal-clear water and an awesome place to party!

There are many hot spots where you can go to party, including regular boat parties in the summer.

The summer is the best time to visit and party in Malta.

In this guide we will provide you with some of the best places to party in Malta.



Paceville is the most known party place in Malta.

This place is loaded with bars, clubs, casinos, cinemas, gentlemen’s clubs and more.

In addition to the limitless amount of choices you have here, most of the clubs in Paceville have free entrance.

You can bar hop in Paceville since there are so many clubs, bars and lounges to choose from.

There is also an array of places that you can dine. This is a great way to start the night and then you can choose a lounge to dance the rest of your night away!


Image Source: livinginmalta.com

Gianpula Village

Gianpula Village that has several outdoor and indoor nightclubs.

It is Malta’s nightlife destination that offers different kinds of parties all at the same time in an amazing venue!

The nightclubs that they have are:

  • Gianpula Main Room
  • Marrakech Club
  • The Rooftop
  • Penthouse
  • Club Phoenix
  • The Clubhouse
  • The Vault
  • Groove Gardens
  • Gianpula Fields

Therefore, if you go to one party and decide you want to have a different type of experience, you can just pop over to the next party venue.

That is if there isn’t a private event being hosted.

This is definitely a party place that you need to go see for yourself!

Gianpula Village

Image Source: gianpulavillage.com


Zion Reggae Bar

Zion Reggae Bar is a special place located at St. Thomas Bay in Marsascala.

This reggae bar is open only in the summer months making it the place to party in the South of Malta.

Zion is a great place if you want to eat by the seaside, or if you want to go to the back to enjoy some delicious cocktails, shisha and a cozy atmosphere.

On the weekends, it goes into a more extreme party mode with a big crowd and nice music to dance to!

Image Source: undergroundsound.eu


Funky Monkey

Funky Monkey is as the name says, funky.

It’s a bar in Gzira that offers live music more often than not as well as delicious drinks.

There are different gigs set up regularly which is great because it means that it’s always offering a multitude of entertainment to its audience.


Valletta used to be the original nightlife city in Malta, however, it’s had a lot of competition with Paceville in recent years.

Nevertheless, Valletta is recreating itself to become an upmarket alternative to Paceville for a more grown-up crowd.

There are new spots popping up all over Valletta offering new and refreshing experiences.

Since the city is extremely walkable, bar hopping is a great option here so that you can get a taste of it all!

Some great places to check out in Valletta are: Bridge Bar, Cafe Society and Yard 32 gin & tapas bar.

These are only a few of the many places to party in Valletta.

La Grotta

La Grotta is one of the largest clubs on the island of Gozo.

It’s view is epic, overlooking the beautiful Xlendi Bay

This view is what makes La Grotta so remarkable and is said to be one of the most beautiful nightclubs in the Mediterranean.

This club offers an indoor and an outdoor area which is normally open only during the summer time.

La Grotta hosts big-party nights, DJs as well as live music.

Blue water

Image Source: uncovermalta.com


Cafe Del Mar

Cafe del Mar is one of the best places to be for parties in the summer.

You can relax, have a nice swim and enjoy a drink from their selection of delectable cocktails.

The location is epic, sitting at the water’s edge focusing on the sea and the beautiful sunsets.

The infinity pool reaches out over the clear blue Mediterranean waters.

Cafe del Mar is known throughout the world for its relaxing ambiance and music.

They often have special guest DJs to entertain the crowd as they enjoy the rest of their surroundings.

Cafe Image Source: myweddingplanner.com.mt


Club TwentyTwo

Club TwentyTwo in Portomaso, located on the 22nd level offers a beautiful view through the glass windows.

This spot is a cocktail lounge, nightclub and wine bar all-in-one.

TwentyTwo attracts a large number of international VIPs and celebrities from all over the world.

Portomaso Business Building

Image Source: malta.com


Boat Party

The beautiful surrounding waters make having boat parties a must on the Maltese islands!

You can rent a luzzu for a small group of friends, organize a dance party on a bigger boat or even rent a luxury yacht for a more upscale affair.

The choice is yours and the island has it all!


Isle of MTV

Malta is booming with events and parties during the summer months, where there is always something to do.

The Isle of MTV festival is one of the biggest celebrations that is held every year in the summer.

The event brings some of the hottest acts to one stage, creating an unforgettable time in Malta.

Expect huge crowds and a really fun time during the Isle of MTV festival!

Ise of MTVImage Source: g7events.com


As mentioned before, Malta is known to be a party island, especially during the high season from June until September.

There are always events and parties to go to during the summertime, so you’ll never get bored!

This guide is just a small percentage of all the choices you have on the island in order to go completely wild or to party in style.

Explore the island and take your pick because there are great places to party on all ends of Malta.

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