5 Fun Activities For Your Kids In Malta


Malta is the ideal holiday destination in so many ways: crystal clear seas, stunning sandy beaches, and beautiful warm weather for the majority of the year, it is no wonder that more and more visitors are making it a must-see on their travel routes.

You may not have realised, however, just how much fun Malta with kids can be, and the huge range of activities and experiences which are hidden in this beautiful archipelago.

Read on to discover why Malta is a perfect place for family holidays and some of the must-try attractions which can be found!

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1. Sant’Antin family park, Marsascala

The Sant’Antnin Family Park in Marsascala is the biggest family park and leisure area in Malta.

Even better?

Entrance is totally free, making this the perfect stop for families of all sizes and budgets.

There are a huge range of activities available, including a multilevel leisure area, a playground to attract children from toddlers to teens, a football pitch, two crazy mazes to get lost in for an hour, rock-climbing, a warren of walking and cycling routes, outdoor gym equipment, and even an amphitheatre able to seat up to 450 people!

Another unique feature is the inclusion of an equestrian area, and a traditional farm, which contains sheep, llamas, chickens, goats and pygmy goats and horses, along with a picnic area for family time, and a dog park to ensure that the whole family are included in the fun!

As an added bonus, the park is also set to incorporate a water park, meaning that there really is something for every family, every age, and every interest: all for free!

When heading on your family trip, Sant’Antin is an absolute must-see on the itinerary.

Sant’Antin family park, Marsascala

2. Scavenger Escape/ Escape Room

Looking for something a bit different?

Make sure you check out the Scavenger Escape Room in Sliema!

With three distinct rooms, there is plenty of opportunities for everyone to be involved in the adventure, and prices are a bargain for the family!

Head back to the past, and find yourself transported to World War Two.

Here, you are a troop of the British Army, situated in Egypt and tasked with intercepting secret messages hidden deep within an Egyptian bazaar.

Work together to locate the hidden chest and decipher the secret message before your enemy can!

Or find out the secret hidden mystery of Mozart: in this room, your job is to investigate a mysterious theft, and discover the truth behind the assumption that unfinished sheet music was stolen by a famous art collector: can you find the masterpiece and love its originality in 60 minutes?

Is saving the world more your thing? Then get to it!

The third room requires you to prevent an insane doctor from creating and unleashing a deadly virus onto mankind!

Scour files and medical equipment to discover the antiserum, and then escape before you are caught!

Guaranteed fun for all ages, the Scavenger Escape can be enjoyed in three different ways and keep everyone happy.

So what are you waiting for? Missions await!

Escape RoomImage Source: scavengerescape.com

3. Splash and fun

Malta is renowned for its warm and sunny climate, and sometimes a chance to cool off is essential.

Splash and Fun is more than merely a waterpark: it is a paradise of challenges, slides and fun which will keep the whole family entertained for hours!

Are you brave enough to risk the black hole?

Do you have a head for heights on the diving board?

And are you crazy enough for Kamikaze?

With a fully equipped children pool complete with play activities, qualified lifeguards, and a wealth of options, splash and fun will keep you entertained forever!

For other water park options, head to Buggiba Water Park, a smaller alternative, but with plenty of excitement!

Splash and FunImage Source: mike-jess.com

4. Malta National Aquarium

Continue your watery adventures with a trip to the aquarium. Malta is renowned for its stunning and diverse marine life, and this is your chance to get up close and personal with some stunning creatures.

Choose from a range of Malta’s areas, from Valetta Harbour to Gozo, or even head back in time to the Roman era, and lose yourself in the incredible sights and experiences which surround you.

A must see for nature lovers, sea dwellers, and anyone who wants to be stunned!

Malta National Aquarium

5. Popeye Village

Ever wanted to visit a real-life film set?

Popeye Village sits in the location of the famous film and offers a chance to get close to the movie like never before.

Explore the stunning reconstructed village, discover new facts about the film set, and even meet Popeye and the cast in person!

A perfect place for family fun, and to learn things you’d never have thought to ask, this is a tourist attraction with a very unique and Maltese twist.

Popeye Village Malta

These activities may be fun for the kids but they also offer something for all the family.

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