End of Summer Season Events in Malta

By August 9, 2018 August 10th, 2018 Intercontinental Malta

Summer in Malta is a truly incredible experience; long, lazy days on the sandy beaches, hours spent exploring the wealth of marine and wildlife and taking endless strolls through the beautiful old streets under the summer sun…we sometimes wish that it could go on forever.

In truth, however, the whole of the year continues to turn, and summer inevitably comes to an end.

Does that mean that the fun and excitement has to stop, however? Absolutely not!

Just because the summer season is over, doesn’t mean that Malta shuts up shop for the cooler months.

On the contrary, there is a huge range of activities and events taking place throughout the year, allowing you to make the most of every second whenever you decide to visit!

Read on for a whistle-stop tour of just a few of the must-see things to do in Malta!

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Glitch festival

Summer may be coming to an end, but the Glitch Festival, which takes place from 14th – 16th August, means that the party is far from over!

In 2018, the festival is in its third year, and grows to be even bigger and better every single year!

The ideal location for electronic music fans from across the globe to unite and enjoy some serious tunes, the event offers multiple stages, from an ancient and secret vault to a cool rooftop pool.

This allows them to offer a huge and diverse range of choice, bringing some of the quality acts from across the scene, including Jeff Mills, Floorpan and Nina Kraviz.

As an added highlight, this year’s line up is set to feature a rare live appearance by legendary electro figures Dopplereffekt at the brand new secret vault; not to be missed for techno superfans!

Located at the exclusive Gianpula nightclub in Medina, Glitch Festival is the ideal way to see the summer out in style.

Glitch Festival Malta

Rolex Middle Sea Race

Often considered the most beautiful race course in the world, the Rolex middle sea race is a must see in your October calendar.

At 606 nautical miles long, the route is sailed anticlockwise, and begins from the Grand Harbour in Valletta, beneath Fort St Angelo and the Saluting Battery.

Heading North, the route then travels along the Eastern coast of Sicily, and heads up towards the Straits of Messina, passing the stunning Mount Etna on the port side.

The course then continues North towards the Aeolian Islands and Stromboli, an unmissable active volcano, before heading West to the Egadi Islands, between Favignana and Marettimo, before turning South towards the island of Lampedusa.

All of this kicks off, however, in the famous Grand harbour, which will be a hub of excitement and anticipation, as well as a unique opportunity to see some magnificent boats and get caught up in the excitement!

Rolex Middle Sea RaceImage Source: giornaledellavela.com


If sailing isn’t your style then don’t despair: Malta in October can still hold adventures for you!

A fantastic celebration of art and culture, this festival will be held in the historic city of Birgu.

Originally designed as a means of celebrating and showcasing the very best of this stunning historic city, with its incredible architecture and unique features, Birgufest has now become an annual celebration.

Part of this origin was Birgu by Candlelight, an aspect which has now been thoroughly incorporated and offers the opportunity to see the city illuminated by thousands of gently flickering candles, adding a romantic vibe and showing off the gorgeous city to its full potential.

There are numerous activities available, from historical reenactments to the chance to see often overlooked treasures of the city; museums have longer opening hours and cheaper rates, and churches and other buildings of interest are opened up tot he public gaze.

The streets are lined with a huge range of good stalls, the air signs with classical and modern music, and the best of the artistic wares are displayed and exhibited for all to see.

For a truly magical and unforgettable event, this has to be a must-see.


Hamrun Chocolate Festival

When all else fails, there is always chocolate.

The Hamrun chocolate festival is a wonderful celebration of all things cocoa and allows visitors to truly indulge in the ultimate chocolate experience.

From creating and designing, to sampling and tasting, all elements of the industry are displayed, allowing chocolate lovers from around the world to try something new, learn about the history and development of local businesses and craftspeople, and indulge in their favourite treat.

As an added bonus, there is a real focus on the importance of fair trade in the chocolate industry, and a huge move to support and promote this across the festival, meaning that this is an event which can satisfy the taste buds, as well as raise awareness for a truly important cause.

Hamrun chocolate festivalImage Source: exploring-malta.com

So keep busy and enjoy all that Malta has to offer as we move towards the end of the summer season.

Enjoy your stay at our luxury 5 star hotel, InterContinental Malta, and once you’re there make the most of all the facilities we have to offer.

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