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By July 19, 2018 August 8th, 2018 Intercontinental Malta
Paranga InterContinental Malta

Malta is famous for quite a few things – its stunning natural landscape and sunny beaches are as world-renowned as its azure Mediterranean waters.

But did you also know that Malta is a culinary hotspot?

Maltese cuisine, like Maltese culture, is a product of Malta’s rich historical past.

Maltese Cuisine

Situated between North Africa and Europe, Malta has felt the tug and pull of a vast array of culinary traditions.

A delicious mix of Arabic and Mediterranean cuisines, Maltese food is also influenced by British, Italian, Spanish, and other influences.

Hearty and rustic, traditional Maltese cuisine includes dishes like fish pie and rabbit stew, but it would be impossible to characterise Malta’s eclectic food styles through one dish alone.

It is perhaps due to this rich culinary heritage that restaurants in Malta have so much to offer the travelling foodie.

Of course, nowadays you can choose from a vast range of international cuisines when you dine out in Malta.

The islands boast fantastic restaurants catering to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

In St Julians, Malta, you are spoiled for choice.

As well as hosting some of the best Malta beaches, St Julian’s is also home to some of the best restaurants on the islands.

Fish Pie Malta


Paranga is one of the most highly rated restaurants in St Julian’s and a must if you are visiting or staying in the area.

Located in Saint George’s Bay, Paranga is a restaurant with a view.

If you like your dining experience to be complemented by rippling ocean waves and spectacular views across the Med, then Paranga is for you.

The view in the evening is sublime, and after dining at Paranga, you’ll quickly conclude that sitting out on Paranga’s terrace, watching the sunset with a glass of chilled wine in hand, is an experience par excellence.

But Paranga isn’t just about a panoramic view and dining at the water’s edge.

Although atmosphere and service go a long way to crediting Paranga with its five-star status, the food is also excellent.

Unspoiled, natural seafood flavours are the focus here, and there is no better place in St Julian’s to taste the sea, or to sample the delicacies of Mediterranean and Italian cuisine.


Paranga serves all the classics with a certain refined dignity.

At Paranga, you’ll find dishes like beef carpaccio with truffle dressing and pan seared prawns on the antipasti menu.

You’ll also be able to choose from a range of pasta and rice starters, including squid ink taglioni and pasta parcels with lobster and crab.

For mains, there are excellent meat dishes available, but since you’re by the sea, you’d be well advised to choose from Paranga’s exceptional range of freshly caught fish dishes.

Needless to say, exquisite wines and sweets are also on offer.

For an exploration of Malta’s seafood heritage in a fabulous location next to one of the best beaches in Malta, Paranga is unrivalled.

If you are staying at the InterContinental Hotel Malta, then it is likely that you’ve already stumbled across this gem, but if not, you should certainly take a look at the menu.

Of course, Paranga is a fine dining extravaganza, and that’s part of the essential luxury hotel Malta experience, but some nights are designed for a more informal experience.

Paranga Malta

Narcis Pool Bar And Grill

For that, the Narcis pool bar and grill should be your go-to joint – visit when hankering after a laidback evening snack or meal.

Surrounded by lush gardens, and of course an idyllic rooftop pool bar, the Narcis grill serves tasty cocktails and delicious treats with a panoramic view.

Probably the best bar and grill in St Julian’s, Narcis is the perfect solution to your hungry, but lazier inclinations.

If you’re relaxing by the pool and can’t quite tear yourself away from your relaxation, then the Narcis staff will be on hand to satisfy your hunger and potentially your thirst for delicious cocktails.

Maltese cuisine is unrivalled and Malta boasts some of the best restaurants in the Mediterranean, but as far as St Julian’s is concerned, there is only one real option for fine dining.

Narcis Pool Bar

Whenever you want to sate your hunger with delicious Maltese seafood, then Paranga provides the perfect solution.

For those days when all day is a pool day, then there is Narcis pool bar and grill.

Together they are the perfect compliment to your stay at the Intercontinental Hotel in Malta.

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