What To Do When You Have A Free Day In Malta

By July 12, 2018 September 12th, 2018 Intercontinental Malta
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Most tourists come to Malta simply to kick back and relax.

Malta’s sunny beaches and relaxed tempo provide the perfect opportunity for those with a stressful city life to recoup and spend some well earned time doing nothing.

But if the idea of doing nothing sounds nightmarish, you needn’t worry – Malta also has plenty of activities and events to keep you entertained.

Here are a few ideas for what to do when you have a free day and don’t fancy simply lounging in the sun.

Malta Sightseeing

This is a big one.

Malta has a fascinating heritage, along with plenty of archaeological and architectural wonders to prove it.

Malta has an astoundingly long history and the islands are home to the ruins of some of the oldest buildings in existence.

Malta’s more recent history is also complex and refreshingly cosmopolitan.

Situated in the Mediterranean, close to both Africa and Europe, Maltese culture is something of a collaboration between Arabic and various European influences.

When you set about exploring this fascinating heritage, you might consider starting your
historical voyage in Malta’s elegant capital, Valletta.

Valletta Source: carafavalletta


Valletta is a 16th-century marvel and a testament to the architectural skills of the European nobles, the Knights of Malta, who built it.

Any tour of Valletta should begin at Saint John’s & Co-Cathedral, which regularly astonishes
sightseers with its opulent gilded interior.

The Grand Master’s Palace is another must-see celebration of the Knights’ splendour, while the Upper Barracca Gardens provide gorgeous views of Valletta harbour.

VallettaSource: telegraph.com

The magical Mdina is Malta’s other city-sized architectural wonder. Dripping with history, this sleepy medieval town is girded by ancient ramparts and imposing sandstone gates.

The Cathedral of Saint Paul is a magnificent Baroque building that hosts the famous icon of Madonna, as well as other priceless artefacts.

Another must is the Palazzo Santa Sofia – a superbly preserved medieval building that provides a great introduction to the Mdina’s wonderful medieval palaces.

MdinaImage Source: invisiblespots.com


Last, but by no means least on this brief list of beautiful Maltese towns is Rabat, a town that
neighbours Mdina and which boasts several sites that are well worth your time, most notably,
Casa Bernard and the Parish Church of St. Paul.

More of a working city that the Mdina, and therefore hosting fewer tourists, a visit to Rabat is nonetheless a fantastic way to spend a free day in Malta.

Of course, it is easy enough to spend several days lost in city-sized sites such as those above, but Malta also has many other more manageable excursions.

RabatSource: pintrest.com

Limestone Heritage Parks and Gardens

This family-run park is located in the charming Maltese village of Siggiewi and provides the opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in 22,000,000 years of archaeological and human history.

Adults will leave the park astonished at the importance of limestone to the islands’ past, but children will also have a fun time.

A perfect day out for all the family, Limestone Heritage also hosts an animal park that your kids will love.

They also hire out their venue for events, and the park is one of the most sought-after wedding venues in Malta.

The waterfall gardens, located in the heritage park, are especially popular.

Limestone Heritage ParkBeaches

The beaches in Malta are popular around the world, and anywhere you go in the islands you’ll have access to the azure seas of the Mediterranean.

But Ghar Lapsi beach is easily the most spectacular of Malta’s beaches, and if you find yourself with a day to spare, you should certainly make the trip to Ghar Lapsi Bay.

Barely a kilometre away from the world-famous Blue Grotto, Ghar Lapsi is also a fantastic dive location and a popular spot for snorkelers and underwater photographers.

Ghar LapsiSource: travelgreecetraveleurope.com

If you’re a fan of the ocean, you should definitely visit Flifla, from which you can see pretty much
nothing but the ocean.

Flifla is a rocky outcrop standing 5km out to sea. As well as providing a spectacular view, it also has an interesting history.

Once used as target practice by British warships, it hosts an old worship site, as well one of the largest nesting colonies of European Storm Petrels in the world.

Flifla Rock Source: uncovermalta.com

Of course, this is far from an exhaustive list of things to do in Malta, but it would be entirely lacking if it didn’t mention the most delicious thing to do in Malta when you’ve got lots of free time, that is, eat lots of delicious Maltese food.

The islands provide many opportunities for fine dining and sampling Malta’s eclectic cuisine, and you can always depend on finding a restaurant with a view!

You can always have a meal at our restaurants if you need to relax close to your comfortable room.

Thank you for reading our blog, if you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comment section below, we hope you have a pleasant stay in Malta.

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