Waterbiscuit: Mediterranean Food Restaurant In Malta

By June 15, 2018 July 11th, 2018 Intercontinental Malta
Waterbiscuit Restaurant

You land outside the glass facade of the cute place next to the luxurious hotel in Malta, the InterContinental a minute or so away from Paceville: It’s the Waterbiscuit, a chic restaurant of glass, marble and slate with an abundance of natural light.

Sitting inside, it’s hard to imagine that the Malta nightlife scene of St. Julian’s is about a minute away, and yet it is.


Would You Like Some Breakfast?

You arrive a little past 8 am, so you order a café au lait because you’re tired.

You need breakfast, so maybe you should order some, maybe eggs benedict.

No, the Waterbiscuit eggs Florentine. That would be nice, especially with coffee.

You’re enjoying your time at your table – beautifully lit by the morning light that’s completely uninhibited by the floor-to-ceiling windows – when a friend asks if you want to do brunch.

Yes, you can do brunch. After all, you’re at the Waterbiscuit. Your friend arrives and they look at the menu; they want something refreshing to breathe back a little bounce in their morning – they order a fresh smoothie.

Waterbiscuit Breakfast

What’s For Dinner?

You arrive at 7 pm, with a date. Someone you like, someone that you want to take to a romantic dinner and have something like oxtail and truffle croquettes to start with.

Nothing too heavy, maybe smoked cured prawns with a bisque mayo. You’ve got things in common, you both like good, Spanish wines, which is why you choose a bottle of Don PX Gran Reserva.

Things are going well, and you just ordered the glazed pork cheeks accompanied with roasted shallots and wild rice; at first, you thought you might go for the pan roasted duck breast with beetroots and an orange sauce, but the pork cheeks were too tempting.

Your date ordered something you’ve never tried, a polenta – it looks crisp and grilled; crowned with vegetables and resting on a bed of quinoa which they tell you was ragout.

Waterbiscuit Food

Mouth Watering Dessert

Dessert? You know it, it’s a special occasion and their eyes lit up at the thought of it, so why not? It’s a difficult decision.

There’s pear and almond pavé with blackberry gel, vanilla sauce Anglaise, almond vanilla mousse and a nougatine crunch, and that sounds lovely and balanced and not too indulgent but just enough.

There’s white chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream, which sounds like a treat but a simple one at that.

Your date feels like something fruitier, like the chocolate and raspberry mousse with gianduia chocolate strands and chocolate sauce with raspberry and a cinnamon, dried meringue, but they also liked the sound of the pistachio and cherry delice, which is plated on a cherry carpet, is served with Cointreau sauce Anglaise, strawberry fluid gel and something rather peculiar: bubble sugar garnish.

There’s no other way to slice it, the Waterbiscuit can promise and deliver on an experience that is Gastronomical, Mediterranean, and nothing short of unforgettable.

Waterbiscuit Dessert

Classy Cocktails In Malta

Maybe you don’t want dinner. You want cocktails, a glass that almost looks illustrated with garnishes and wonderfully refreshing. Gin, vermouth, whiskey, vodka, whatever it is, you can have a cocktail with it.

Then again, maybe you don’t want cocktails. Maybe you like your drinks neat, maybe with some ice.

It’s all good, Waterbiscuit will be there to serve you. Whatever it is that you want from the shelf, it’s all yours. From open to close.

Then again, you could arrive at any time before dinner, or after breakfast, for the dining. Sandwiches, burgers, risotto, fillets of beef or steak – a good meal if there ever was one.

There’s a veritable roster of options that can be plated up and brought to your table because let’s face it, flights don’t often leave or arrive at the most convenient times and not everyone can endure travels on an empty one, but food isn’t just fuel and you want something good.

Waterbiscuit Cocktail

Maybe a treat is what you’d like, which is fine because you can order desserts, too, just as if it’s dinnertime.

It’s a restaurant in Malta not quite like any other.

No matter what you’re in between, it will be a destination in itself and can give you something special: a day-long affair that’s yours to have, at the Waterbiscuit.

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