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By May 24, 2018 June 18th, 2018 Intercontinental Malta
Carisma Spa Malta

Whether you’re living in Malta or looking to visit, you’re probably sitting at work dreaming of a relaxing break.

Sometimes even in the midst of a holiday visiting all the interesting historic places, one can dream of stopping and laying down for a day or two in a 5-star spa, with not a care in the world.

InterContinental Hotel Malta together with Carisma Spa can give you exactly that.

Carisma Spa InterContinental Hotel Malta

The InterContinental Carisma Spa

Featuring a luxurious Hammam also known as a Turkish bath this is a spa Malta hasn’t seen anything like.

However, if you are simply looking for your usual facials and massages in Malta then Carisma Spa is still ready to provide you with the luxury spa break of your dreams.

InterContinental Malta Hotel is a five-star hotel in St Julians, centrally located and with easy access to Malta’s beautiful historic sites and beaches.

It’s waterfront location and the private beach is only the beginning of what it offers, with a relaxing break waiting for you year-round by its heated indoor pool and in its 5-star spa.

If you like to keep up your fitness even during your luxury spa break, Cynergi gym has you covered and you can follow your session with the best full body massage in Malta at Carisma Spa.

5 Star Luxury Spa

Carisma Spa is the name of the 5-star spa in InterContinental Hotel Malta.

Carisma Spa & Wellness International was established in 1990 and has been providing luxury spa break treatments in five-star hotels, centres, and resorts along the Aegean and the Mediterranean coast of Turkey and Malta.

The friendly and professional staff of Carisma Spaare trained regularly to provide the best possible spa Malta has to offer, with treatments tailored to each client’s needs by professionals, each specialised in their own respective treatments.

Carisma Spa is also the proud winner of the World Luxury Spa Award, 2016 & 2017.

If you wish for a relaxing break in a 5-star spa, these awards provide a benchmark for all luxury spas and hotels globally, showcasing that Carisma Spa goes above and beyond in providing the perfect luxury spa break.

Carisma Spa Malta

Hammam & Turkish Bath

The InterContinental Hotel Malta’s Carisma Spa is most known for its Hammam or Turkish bath.

This is a bathing ritual going back to Ancient Greek and Ancient Roman times, which is still immensely popular worldwide but you won’t find massages in Malta like the Hammamtreatment anywhere else.

The room used for the Turkish bath or Hammam in the InterContinental Hotel Malta is beautifully made with antibacterial white marble and features an impressive dome and a raised heated marble platform at the centre known as a gobektas on which the Hammam massage is performed.

This is surrounded by bathing alcoves.

The Turkish bath is unlike other massages in Malta in that it is a ritual, which purifies and renews energy fields and unblocks chakras.

A relaxing break doesn’t get any better, and Carisma Spa encourages visitors to return regularly, with loved ones or alone, to keep up the feeling of inner peace.

Carisma Spa Malta

What Happens During A Treatment?

The Hammam ritual involves the use of steam to bring out toxins in your body while Carisma Spa’s professional therapists guide you to the basins to be scrubbed down, then soaped on the marble platform in the centre of the Turkish bath area.

During the Hammam session your hair will be massaged and shampooed with argan oil products, and a refreshing facemask will be applied to complete full body experience.

At the end of the Turkish bath session, Carisma Spa’s caring attendants will shower you continuously with copious bowls of water, leaving you feeling refreshed and free of both dead skin and any residual negative emotions.

This is a full body massage in Malta like no other.

Carisma Spa and InterContinental Hotel Malta strive to go above and beyond in providing you with a luxury spa break, providing Turkish coffee and Turkish delights to match your Turkish bath.

Carisma Spa has its signature detox tea, fruit, Champagne and will work around your dietary needs if you choose to spend a day or special occasion at Carisma Spa.

Carisma Spa Malta InterContinental

The Carisma Spa can be accessed for Hammam or other treatments both during your stay at the InterContinental Hotel Malta to upgrade your five-star hotel stay to a luxury spa break, or even as a day visitor.

There are also specialised spa packages that can be perfect if you would like a more frequent relaxing break.

Membership to Cynergi gym also provides access to Carisma Spa and Intercontinental Hotel Malta’s heated indoor pool, though treatments must be booked separately.

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