Family Friendly Events To Enjoy With Your Kids This Summer In Malta

By May 17, 2018 September 12th, 2018 Intercontinental Malta

If you’re staying at our luxury Malta hotel and looking for the perfect family outing during your holiday in Malta, you may enjoy the live music and summer vibes of the Farsons Beer Festival or the traditional public holiday fun and folk music of L-Imnarja folk festival.

Farsons Beer Festival

The 2018 Farsons Beer Festival will be the thirty-eighth edition of this popular family outing celebrated in Ta Qali National Park.

Farsons Brewery will be hosting the event, also known as Beerfest Malta from Thursday 26th July to Saturday 4th August 2018.

Farsons Brewery is the local company which produce the popular Cisk beer and all its variations, which can be found at all of the drink stands at Beerfest Malta.

Entrance to the Farson’s Beer Festival is free on all days of the 10 days, with doors opening at 8 pm daily.

The summer vibe is all around as everyone gathers glowing after their post-beach shower to celebrate the perfect summer drink.

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If you like live music to go with your Cisk beer you won’t be disappointed; Beerfest Malta boasts three separate stages in different areas of Ta Qali National Park, with live music going until closing by way of two acts per stage per night.

If Cisk beer isn’t your favourite or you just want to try something new, Farsons Brewery may be organising the event but they are keen to provide options with over 50 award winning beers available.

Since we are talking about a family outing it is important to note that the atmosphere is very relaxed and family friendly.

Food stalls will enchant your children as much as they entice you, with interesting treats in dessert food stalls and everything from your staple meat food stalls to more interesting and adventurous food stalls, so and many food stalls to get whatever you prefer to go with your Cisk beer.

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L-Imnarja Folk Festival

You haven’t been to a feast in Malta if you haven’t been to l-Imnarja.

It is one of the oldest feasts celebrated in both Malta and Gozo, having begun around the time of the Knights of St. John, and like every other feast in Maltais centred around important religious figures, in this case, St. Peter and St. Paul.

The folk festival is synonymous to locals with summer holidays and even for those not on holiday in Malta l-Imnarjais celebrated on a public holiday so everyone is able to attend the festivities.

The name l-Imnarjacomes from ‘luminarja’ which in turn is derived from the Latin ‘luminare’ meaning ‘to light up’.

As was the custom at many a feast in Malta people would historically light candles and burn bonfires as a manifestation of their joy during l-Imnarja celebrations.

Since then l-Imnarja folk festival has moved away from a lot of the traditions of a typical feast in Malta but become a traditional folk festival perfect for a family outing.

The celebrations of l-Imnarjain Nadur, Gozo have remained quite on par with any other feast in Malta or Gozo.

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L-Imnarja Today

L-Imnarja folk festival is now mostly celebrated in Buskett Gardens near Rabat.

Buskett Gardens are a beautiful public wood grove planted by the Knights of St. John as a hunting ground, which creates a perfect summer vibe with its fresh air, sunshine and shady areas.

It is celebrated on June 29th, the day of the feast in Malta, and as it is a public holiday the festivities start in the afternoon.

If you are on holiday in Malta it is important to remember to stay in a shady area during the middle of the day or you may spend your summer holidays applying aloe to your burnt skin instead of enjoying a folk festival!

With the horse and donkey races vie for the traditional Palju trophy, the folk festival has truly begun.

Eating local delicacies, in particular, rabbit dishes is synonymous with l-Imnarja, such as the very popular rabbit stew or rabbit spaghetti.

These can be happily washed down with Cisk beer or local wine, with the festivities eventually moving from family outing to a late night out.

There can be found much live music in the form of folk music at l-Imnajdra folk festival, and you can usually purchase CDs of the folk music from locals.

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These are great events to check out with your family, but there are many more events going on in Malta 2018.

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