Scuba Diving In Malta – Top Diving Sites 2018

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Diving in Malta

Whether you are a scuba diving school graduate or have just decided you’d like to try scuba diving, Malta is an ideal place for your diving holiday.

Many people visit Malta’s beaches because they enjoy discovering snorkelling sites in Malta.

Diving in Malta is as diverse as it gets with dive sites in Malta ranging from caves to underwater holes and even some incredible shipwreck dives!

Here is a list of some of the top Malta dive sites:

Ghar Lapsi Malta

The Ghar Lapsi Malta dive site is the ideal place for your first ever diving holiday.

Many a scuba diving school will take their newest divers here as a place to try out being underwater with all the scuba diving gear.

However, this doesn’t mean it is a boring stop, as the water of Ghar Lapsi is filled with friendly fish and other animal life.

The Ghar Lapsi cave is absolutely stunning for the more experienced scuba divers.

Ghar Lapsi Malta

Santa Maria Caves Comino

When scuba diving, Malta (the island) isn’t the only place to think of.

On the north of Comino, one can find the Santa Maria Caves, competing with many diving sites in Malta with its fascinating cave systems.

If you’re spending a day in Comino, it’s recommended to grab your scuba diving gear and head to the ten Santa Maria Caves as early as possible to avoid crowds later in the day or ask your scuba diving school when they best recommend going.

It also shares the small island which one of the best beaches in Malta, the Blue Lagoon.

Santa Maria Caves Comino

Double Arch Gozo

As previously mentioned diving in Malta refers to the whole archipelago, and the Double Arch Gozo has to offer is an example of this.

Double Arch Gozo is a reef which is incredible for sea life.

Malta dive sites like this are often a little difficult to reach with shallow water entry and a bit of a swim but it is extremely worth it.

Each of the arches in the name of the Double Arch Gozo are at different depths which means the sea life is also varied.

If you can manage an underwater camera with your scuba diving gear you might capture some great shots for your diving holiday album!

Double Arch Gozo

Blue Hole Gozo

Blue Hole Gozo is probably the most famous of all diving sites in Malta, it lies next to where the Azure Window used to stand.

The natural rock formation of the Blue Hole Gozo is extremely popular with both individuals and local scuba diving schools, particularly later in the day so it is recommended to hit it early like the Santa Maria Caves.

Scuba diving schools use the Blue Hole Gozo as a beginner dive spot but it is also ideal for a more intermediate diving holiday.

Blue Hole Malta

Um El Faroud Malta

Um El Faroud is a shipwreck dive site sitting upright on the seabed near Wied iz-Zurrieq.

Malta dive sites that involve a shipwreck dive are becoming increasingly popular, but this is not for scuba diving school beginners, but those with more advanced wreck diving experience due to the large size of the Um El Faroud.

Um El Faroud Malta

Karwela Wreck Gozo

Since Malta dive sites catering to a shipwreck dive are so popular it is no surprise that the Karwela Wreck was purposefully scuttled as an artificial reef in 2006.

It is situated near one of the best beaches in Malta and Gozo: the Xatt L-Ahmar. The area of the shipwreck dive is relatively calm allowing a lot of growth and some very large spiral tube worms to be seen at Karwela Wreck.

The shipwreck dive is not alone, however, with MV Xlendi and MV Cominoland close by, but Karwela Wreck is still the more popular of these Malta dive sites.

Karwela Wreck Gozo

P29 Malta

Another shipwreck dive which was purposefully scuttled like the Karwela Wreck to provide a great Malta dive site is the P29 Malta.

This was done not simply to improve diving in Malta but also to encourage growth in the fish population.

Grab your scuba diving gear and explore this Kondor class patrol boat which served both the East German Navy and the Armed Forces of Malta before becoming a top spot for scuba diving Malta could offer.

P29 Malta

Blenheim Bomber Malta

A bonus in the shipwreck dive category, the Blenheim Bomber is, in fact, an aircraft wreck dive site.

Scuba diving schools will not be swarming the Blenheim Bomber, as this is not for diving holiday beginners.

All that is known of this ‘shipwreck dive’ is that it probably sank at some point during World War II, but it’s specific identity and call sign have yet to be established.

Maybe if you grab your scuba diving gear and explore the Blenheim Bomber you could be the one to figure it out?

Blenheim Bomber Malta

If diving isn’t your thing, there are many other activities to do in Malta, especially when it comes to water sports.

We hope this article was useful and that you have a fun time discovering diving sites in Malta.

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