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By March 22, 2018 September 12th, 2018 Intercontinental Malta
Valleta at night

No one is disputing the fact that the nightlife in Malta is incredible.

However, if your experience of Malta is limited to boozey club crawls in Paceville, you might be under the impression that Maltese nightlife is admittedly wild, but perhaps a little mainstream.

If you came away from Malta with this impression, then you’d be sorely mistaken.

From line dancing in Bugibba to reggae bar shenanigans near St Thomas Bay, Maltese nightlife has your more eclectic interests covered.

If you want something different to the clubbing scenes of Paceville, consider checking out a few of the recommendations below for an alternative night out in Malta.

Zion Reggae Malta

Act like a grown up

The crowd in Paceville a young one, and the ubiquity of heavy drinking teens in the clubs has a tendency to lower the tone of one’s evening.

If you’re a little older or are simply looking for a more sophisticated night out, you’re best off heading away from the crowds of Paceville.

Wine bars are currently all the rage in Malta, and plenty have sprung up in Valletta and elsewhere.

Some of the most popular wine bars can be found in the swanky upmarket areas of Mdina, Attard, Birgu, and Balzan.

If you’re tired of loud music, but don’t fancy a night in, a few bottles of wine with close friends, perhaps over a plate of meats and cheese, is quite a palatable way to spend a Friday or Saturday night.

If you still need music in your life, just not dance music or boring chart hits, then these places also have you covered.

A walk through the picturesque streets of Valletta will turn up many a pleasant jazz night or acoustic evening. Valletta is also the Capital of Culture in 2018, so there are many events worth checking out.

These venues are perfect for a small group of friends, or perhaps a romantic date night out.


Put on your dancing shoes

If you still want to go hard but want something different to Paceville, then there are plenty of other clubs and gigs to attend in Malta.

There are loads of live gigs playing in smaller venues around Malta, but your best bet to find out about these is to do your research or to ask something who is in the know.

But from Gzira to Marsascala there are also established music venues that can entertain your varied tastes in genres.

Velvet Lounge and Night Club in Bugibba, for instance, has recently enjoyed an injection of fresh energy from the local alternative music scene, and regularly hosts gigs in the basement.

The local gay community has helped make Valletta the “It” place to be in recent years.

Contrary to the expectation that Valletta will soon become the next Paceville, it is, in fact, returning to its roots, albeit with a trendy new edge.

Valletta is definitely a vibrant, young place to be nowadays.

Bridge Bar Valletta

Alternative activities

Rather than alternative in terms of style, you might also choose to simply opt for a completely alternative night in terms of what you do.

Malta isn’t limited in entertainment choices to drinking and DJs.

Instead of heading out on Saturday night, why not go bowling in St Julian’s which is right opposite the Intercontinental Malta Hotel, or take some salsa lessons at Fuego Casa Latina?

Malta’s entertainment industry is pretty comprehensive, and you can rest assured that there’s something for everyone when it comes to activities.

And you needn’t abandon the drink altogether.

A few beers certainly make bowling more fun, but it’s unlikely to much improve your game.

Bowling in Malta

Eat, drink, and be merry

Many in Malta are opting to dine out instead of going out.

The feasting format is traditionally a more tried and tested way to pass idle weekend hours than hitting the clubs.

There isn’t much more enjoyable than settling down with a close group of friends to a wonderful meal and a few bottles of wine.

Indulge in something delicious and then while away the evening hours, late into the lazy Mediterranean night.

Malta has some fantastic restaurants, spread all over the islands, and if it’s your first time visiting, you’re in for a treat.

Maltese cuisine is also world renowned and fairly unique.

Reflecting Malta’s history it is an interesting fusion of Mediterranean, Sicilian, French, Italian, and Provencal influences.

As such, it’s well worth exploring on your weekend nights out.

Maltese Cuisine

There are plenty of ways to enjoy an alternative night out in Malta, but rather than know exactly where to look, the most important thing is to know to look in the first place.

From the trendy city, Valletta to the burgeoning art scene across Malta, there is much more to Malta than one may think.

Don’t get us wrong, everyone enjoys a silly night out now and then, but if you’re tired of normal, don’t forget that Malta has plenty more to offer.

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