February In Malta

By February 1, 2018 July 11th, 2018 Intercontinental Malta
Valletta View

Once the January blues are over, it is time to carry on celebrating the year in style.

For a fascinating and exciting adventure this year, why not check out Malta in February?

Far more than just a summer holiday destination, Malta offers year-round entertainment, and can offer the perfect location for a family holiday, romantic break, or solo travel spot at any time of the year!

Valletta: Europe’s Capital Of Culture 2018

Of particular interest, this year is Valletta, which was recently named the European Capital of Culture 2018!

This innovative programme helps to highlight the different cultures of the cities of Europe, promoting togetherness and connections and helps to regenerate and promote the city of choice that year.

The city is then provided with year-long support for a programme of festivals promoting arts and culture, and that is exactly what is occurring in Malta’s capital city.

Valletta European Capital Of Culture 2018

In January, the official opening of the event took place with a lavish opening ceremony to celebrate.

However, the fun doesn’t stop there! February’s calendar is jam-packed with art, culture and events, all of which are too good to be missed out on.

With music, film, arts, exhibitions and educational events, February is a truly amazing time to visit Malta.

Carnival Celebrations

Another unmissable event is, of course, the famous Carnival, a hallmark of the Maltese year, and an homage to traditions dating back centuries.

This incredible event dates back to the Knight of the Order of St John, who’s history dominates the island, and is a wild, bold, event with occurs all over Malta, with the hearing of the celebrations taking place in Valletta.

For four days the streets are transformed into marching bands, parades, colourful costumes, decorated floats of all kinds – ranging from the nice to look at to the politically satirical.

For a chance to eat, drink, dance and really party, Valletta’s Carnival is a must see this February!

Carnival Float

Valentine’s Day

February is also, of course, the season for love with Valentine’s Day falling right in the middle, hot on the heels of the Carnival celebrations.

This year, consider Malta for the ultimate romantic getaway for you and your partner.

With a huge range of sites to choose from, you can indulge in a quiet, tranquil privacy in a traditional Maltese village, or go for a wild, party weekend at one of the islands hotspots.

Unwind with a walk through one of Malta’s harbours, and treat yourselves to a romantic, candlelit dinner, watching the boats sail past in the sunset.

Head to Sliema, one of the major commercial areas of the island, and choose from a wealth of shops, bars, restaurants, clubs and activities, to truly make the most of your romantic break.

This village also offers each access to Valetta, so you can combine two trips in one to make the most of everything Malta has to offer.

For a break which is not only perfect for Valentine’s Day but as a wonderful travel experience in its own right, Malta should be your first choice.

Hit The Clubs In Paceville

Whether you are part of a couple, single and ready to mingle, or just fancy a break away with friends, Malta is a destination in which partying is not restricted to the high summer months.

Paceville, located just west of St Julian’s, is a key area for fun. Popular with both locals and tourists, Paceville offers the opportunity for a party getaway all year round and is often cited as one of Europe’s top destinations for nightlife.

Paceville Malta

The site can act as a perfect pick me up at this time of year, taking a break from the monotony of winter, the post-Christmas blues which may still be hanging over you, and offer a welcome break up in the seemingly endless wait for the summer season.

Don’t sit around moping until the weather turns warmer: take matters into your own hands, grab a group of mates, and make your own fun.

Prime Location

One of the key advantages of Malta is the fact that it is a location, which truly offers something for everyone.

You can be examining and admiring historical, UNESCO heritage sites by day, and getting glammed up for an unforgettable night out as the sun sets over the harbour.

Enjoy time as a couple on a romantic Valentines break, or seek out family fun with the huge range of activities available.

Valletta At Night

The winter months are no reason not to enjoy yourself, and this is especially true of an island where so much is going on.

Dance the night away at the Carnival, attend a classical music concert in the European City of Culture, discover new loves for artworks, and a new favourite artist, or simply sit by the sea and soak up the vibrant, buzzing atmosphere which can be found everywhere on Malta.

Even the weather will be on your side, so for a truly relaxing break, and something a bit different this February, get online now and book your flight to one of the cultural gems of Europe.

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