Why Is Malta Your Best Value For Money This January?

By January 11, 2018 July 29th, 2020 Intercontinental Malta

With a rich, fascinating history, golden beaches, stunning scenery and incredible coastlines, there are a number of reasons that Malta is a must-see holiday destination.

Most people, however, only think of it during the busy summer months, when tourist season is in full swing, and summer holidays are in full swing.

Contrary to this view, this beautiful country is a must-see spot all year round, with some of the best bargains to be grabbed during the winter months.

Check out the top reasons why Malta could be your best value for money this January!

Mnajdra Temples In Siggiewi, Malta

1. Regular flights mean stable prices

Unlike many smaller islands, there are flights to Malta and Gozo all year round from major providers such as Ryanair, easyJet and Jet2. This means that this Mediterranean paradise is accessible all year round, making flights affordable.

Despite this stability, prices do and to rise slightly during peak tourist season, allowing you to grab a real bargain if you travel out of this time – such as during the winter months. In addition, bus transport around the islands are very cheap out of season, allowing you to get about without any trouble or excess expense.

2. Visit the views without the crowds

Malta is a hotspot of beautiful, historic views, including a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Travelling during the off-peak months allow you to truly enjoy and take time at these sites, without the hassle of crowds of tourists all looking to do the same.

Valletta Upper Barracca Gardens

Instead of being part of a bustling, jostling crowd under the blazing sun, you will be able to take things more slowly, enjoy the view, and really soak up the atmospheres in your own time.

This will also allow you more opportunities to take photos of places, without having to wait your turn or having the shot full of strangers on their holidays!

3. Don’t worry about missing out

You may be concerned that visiting Malta during the winter months will cheat you out of hours in your holiday, but that is not a concern here.

The island is placed in a very southerly position of the Mediterranean, which means that Malta has more hours of daylight than almost anywhere else in Europe. Over half of all winter days also enjoy sunshine and warm weather, and this means that you can enjoy long, luxurious dinners with no worries.

In addition, all museums, attractions and sites are open throughout the year, not only during the summer months, giving you plenty of opportunities to visit the must-see spots.

4. Incredible music

One of the key highlights of visiting Malta in January is the amazing Valletta International Baroque Festival, a showcase of beautiful classical music, situated in some of the most beautiful examples of Maltese architecture, including cathedrals, castles and temples.

Valletta International Baroque Festival

This festival is an example of some of the best Malta and Gozo have to offer and makes full use of the rich history and character of the islands.

5. Take in the views through trekking

The winter months provide a perfect opportunity for trekking and hiking which may prove more difficult in the sweltering summer months.

In January, the days are mostly dry, and warm without oppressive heat. This opportunity offers itself to trekkers of all types; from curious tourists just wishing to see and experience more of this stunning islands, to those experienced hikers seeking a new challenge and adventure.

Whichever group you find yourself in, this is an excellent way to experience Malta on foot and allows you to find many hidden treasures and gems which you may otherwise have missed out on, all set against a backdrop of golden beaches, incredible history, and beautiful, unmissable scenery and landmarks.

6. Live like a local

Visiting Malta outs of the popular tourist season will allow you to be treated more like a local than during the summer months. The small, traditional coastal villages revert even more to their roots during this time, with a slower, more relaxed pace of life.

This provides the perfect opportunity to interact and mingle more closely with the locals, giving you a closer and more fascinating insight into their everyday routines and ways of life. For a glimpse at the true heart of Malta, visit in the quieter winter months.

Fishing Boats At Marsaxlokk

Whether you are feeling the January blues following Christmas and New Year, looking for a new adventure, or simply need the opportunity to get away, Malta could prove just what you need this January.

With mild weather, long days in the sunshine, and no shortage of places and activities to keep you entertained, this island ticks all of the boxes for a winter getaway. Even better, you can afford to visit even on a budget by taking advantage of off-season prices!

At any time of year, Malta has loads to offer every type of visitor; take the chance to see it out of season, for a different, but no less incredible, experience.

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