Top Events Happening in Malta in 2018

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Music Festivals in Malta

The New Year is almost upon us, and so it’s a good time to look forward to all the wonderful events taking place in Malta in 2018. Malta is a wonderful place to visit all year round, but some of these events might give you extra reason to take a trip to Malta this coming year!

So here’s a rundown of Malta in 2018.


Malta in January

After the festivities of December, surviving January isn’t always the cheeriest way to begin a New Year. Your belly is groaning from too much food, you’re all partied out, and you’ve still got two months of cold to endure. Luckily, you can always take a trip to Malta.

January is a warmer month in Malta than it is elsewhere. There is also the Valletta International Baroque Music Festival to look forward to, which takes place across various venues in Valletta, and will include a stellar line up of musical maestros.


Malta in February

But Malta in February is really what you should be looking forward to throughout the winter months. February is carnival season, and festivities take place across the islands. The Malta Carnival has a centuries old history and is a time of colourful floats, music, and joyous celebration. Of course, the main event takes place in Valletta.

The Feast of St. Paul’s Shipwreck is another big Maltese occasion to mark in February.


Malta in March

March is a wonderful time to visit Malta. The Feast of St. Joseph is the public holiday to look out for, and the the Vodafone Malta Marathon, in Mdina, is the sporting event of the Spring to get excited about.

 St Joseph Feast in March

Malta in April

What is April famous for? In Malta, the answer is strawberries. The annual strawberry festival in the old agricultural village of L-Mgarr marks a wonderful opportunity to indulge in hundreds of delicious, plump red strawberries.

Religious festivals in Malta are often important social occasions, so Easter on the islands is obviously a big deal. Easter celebrations last a week and take place all over Malta and Gozo.

The Malta International Music Festival also kicks off in April next year in Valletta.

Strawberry festival Malta

Malta in May

Malta’s Fashion Week takes place in May, so it’s a good month to head to Malta for a bit of celebrity spotting in Valletta. While there, you can also go to the Valletta Green Festival, which involves the transformation of one of the city’s largest spaces into a celebration of flowers and greenery.


Malta in June

June is when Maltese music festivals really kick off. Head to Malta in June to catch the MTV music festival, or if more traditional music is your thing, the L-Imnarja Summer Folk Festival.

 Festival Season in Malta

Malta in July

But the music doesn’t stop with June. The big Malta Jazz Festival is a three day celebration of brass and beats that takes place in Valletta in July.

If you visit Malta in July and are so inclined, you can also enjoy lots of quality drinking. The Farsons Great Beer Festival, which promotes local as well as international beers, is a great opportunity to sink a cold one in July.

The Malta International Arts Festival also takes place annually in July.


Malta in August

If July is for beer, then August is for wine. The Delicata wine festival, for example, is a wonderful way to get to taste some excellent Maltese wines.


Malta in September

What does the date 21st September mean to you? If you’re in Malta on the 21st, then you’ll soon find out. That’s because the 21st marks Maltese independence and is an excellent excuse for the islands to throw a party.

The 8th,, or Victory Day, is also an important date, and it marks three separate events: the birth of the Virgin Mary, the end of the 1565 siege, and the defeat of the Italian army in WWII.


Malta in October

October in Malta is about sailing and racing. That’s because the Mdina Grand Prix takes place in October, and so does the Rolex Middle Sea Race.

The Notte Bianca, a one night arts extravaganza, is also held in October and is much anticipated.

Mdina Sailing race 

Malta in November

November is rarely an easy month. The days draw shorter, the nights colder, and Christmas is still a while off.

There aren’t many events taking place at this time in Malta, but if you visit in November, at least you’ll be spending a dreary month in a wonderful place.


Malta in December

Finally, you’ll probably be able to guess what the big events of December 2018 are likely to be –  just as in 2017, Christmas festivities and New Year’s celebrations will dominate your social calendar.

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