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planning the perfect picnic in malta

Planning the Perfect Picnic

The perfect picnic starts and ends with the people you’re picnicking with. Yet, it always helps to take some good stuff along too.

A picnic should be fun and spontaneous – though it would be neither if you end up scouring for supplies.

So how do you prepare efficiently. It’s always good to have a bit of a checklist ready with things that you will always require and then just be inspired in the moment. You always have your favourite picnic spots in mind.

Picnic Essentials

– The Blanket

A nice big blanket (and a plastic sheet to go underneath it of course!). The blanket can be considered the foundation of your picnic. It’s the place you’re going to gather upon to enjoy drinks, food and a good laugh.

It also saves on the inevitable carnage – of spilled wine, other drinks or worse…even some food.

You want to go for cotton throws or sturdy quilts, which will be easy enough to dust off, remove stains from and also just throw into the wash once back home.

friends picnic

– The Basket

This is a very important piece of equipment. Instead of running around with an unlimited amount of bags (which you still might need), you want to have everything in one or two secure picnic baskets. You need to keep your food, utensils, cups and drinks in here so make sure they’re spacious and cater to your picnic needs when you’re selecting your basket. They are often woven-wood, preferably with a flat-top lid so that you can also use it as a table-top for drinks – or else you might also wish to use a couple of trays.

the picnic basket

Try to use reusable utensils and plates so that you’re not using too much plastic. If you are using disposable then make sure that they are compostable.

Have a kit ready with salt and pepper, maybe some lemon and sauces that you like.

– The Thermos

It’s always worth investing in a good thermos – it will last you a lifetime if you care for it properly. In the summer heat it will keep your lemonade or iced tea nice and frosty; come winter it’s the perfect place for your soups or hot chocolate, coffee and tea piping hot.

– Extra Bags

We often forget to take extra bags to place the used, empty and also dirty things in.

If you’re using carton packed drinks then you’re going to have to throw them away. You definitely need somewhere to place the used napkins. Once you empty your drinking jugs or wine bottles and clean out the food containers you want to place them in something so that you can be sure that they will not leak – you don’t want to get your basket messy do you?!

– First Aid Kit

Maybe if you’re not going to take a whole first aid kit – which might be handy to always carry in the boot of your car – then think about taking the essentials. Take an antibacterial with a few band aids, bandages, aspirin and sunscreen.

– To Play

Take something to play with, depending on what you enjoy. Take a football, or a rugby ball, if you fancy some badminton take your rackets, or how about a couple of board games.

– Corkscrew

Enough said…

picnic outfits
picnic in the autumn

The Best Food For A Picnic

Cold dishes are the best option, you might even enjoy them if you’re going for a winter picnic. So, it’s cold pasta and possibly a potato salad too – they are simply divine.

If you want something more wholesome then think about making a few pies, bite size or cut the pie up into slices. A quiche is a great alternative – it combines the elements of a pie with the feel of summer. What is so perfect about the quiche is that it’s so versatile, you can fill it with anything you like.

You might want to take a soup to warm you up, or have it cold during the hot months. It would be great to just dip your bread into. Take a cutting board for that delicious bread!

Making a few simple but special sandwiches will also do the trick, make them hot ones if you’re feeling super chic. Take a few ready sausages to place in buns if you’re feeling like some hot dogs – just don’t forget the mustard. Remember, if this is going to be a spontaneous do then you want to spend more time outside than you do preparing inside.

A picnic can happen at any time and in any weather.

fun things to do on a picnic

Where To Go In Malta For A Picnic

There are many spots around the island that are great for holding picnics at. If it’s the beach or if you prefer the countryside then there’s a place for you, your family and friends. Comino is a neat option in more moderate weather. If you’re in Gozo then you’re spoilt for choice – from their lush landscape to their beaches.

Beach Picnic

If you wanted to go to a nice beachy spot in Malta head over to Riviera Montenique, or Golden Sands and Gnejna if you want to skip the steps. Wied iz-Zurrieq is also a nice spot.

If you’re looking for something in the countryside then there is an area called San Martin (St. Martin’s) and also Mizieb (in the limits of Mellieha) which might catch your fancy. The country is a good option if you want to be able to just walk further afield in between sampling the food.

Just enjoy the peace!

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