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The Music Scene in Malta – who to look out for

Malta is booming when it comes to the music scene. There’s a mixture of bands, from those that have been around for a while but are constantly delivering, to new bands setting a new wavelength.

Here we will be going over some of the house names and the freshest bands. It is good to keep in mind that there a quite a good mix of men and women in the bands on the island, and though the bands are smaller and not mentioned here many rock and metal bands have some very talented women on their team.

These are the groups you want to see at gigs and festivals when you’re on the island. Most of these bands actually spend a lot of time developing their talent and performing abroad.


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This was one of the first death metal bands to form in Malta in the ‘90s (1991 to be exact). During that time they were not received very well by the majority of the Maltese public, yet still managed to create a great following.

They performed in Malta for the most part at the beginning of their career, but then found that they were appreciated more overseas. Beheaded have performed in Europe as well as in the US.

They are currently based in Malta, UK and Italy.

Albums: Perpetual Mockery, Recounts of Disembodiment, Ominous Bloodline, Never to Dawn, Beast Incarnate.

Abysmal Torment

This is a 6 guy strong band. They have been together since they formed in 2000, emerging as a violent death metal band. Abysmal Torment first hit the stage in 2002.

Their music relies on speed stimulated tempos, breakdowns, technical riffing and a dual assault of gurgling voices. A new start for them came about when they joined forces with Temple Studios, which enabled them to build a reputation worldwide. Since then they have travelled and performed all over Europe: Italy, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Russia to name but a few.

Albums: Incised Wound Suicide, Epoch of Methodic Carnage, Omnicide, Cultivate the Apostate.

Airport Impressions

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They formed in the early 2000s and they’ve had countless radio hits since.

These include ‘Borderline’, ‘Wake up’ and ‘Walk with Me’.

They initially started off as a duo and then branched out. They are very much influenced by their love of Irish music, the group as a whole embrace elements of pop and rock which balances out their song-writing.

Albums: Minutes of a Lifetime, Mariette.



From inception in 2004 Tribali embarked on giving Malta a taste of something new. This they do by using the traditional sitar, didgeridoo, morchunga, harmonica, multiple percussion and acoustic guitar merged with electric guitars and deep bass lines.

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The group has played at Glastonbury, the Byron Bay Bluefest, Ancient Trance Festival and are a staple at Earth Garden and Beerfest (Malta).

Their performances are always fuelled, creating an unforgettably electrifying and dynamic interaction.

Their music allows them to be very dynamic and blend well with many musical genres – they have performed with Moby, Prodigy, Faithless, Ziggy Marley, the Wailers, G3, John Butler and the Wolf Mother among others.

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In 2015 they went on their first proper tour around the European, visiting Turkey, Hungary, Finland and Sicily.

Albums: Tribali, The Elephants of Lanka, Festa, The Traveller.



Their journey began in 2007, giving us a mix of poppy indie rock seasoned with punk, reggae and ska. They won the Bay Music Awards for the singles in their first EP and were nominated for the Malta Music Awards. The single ‘Dig Into’ was chosen as the soundtrack for the local MTV Mobile in 2009.

The band has toured across Europe, playing in cities such as London, Paris, Milan, Copenhagen and Linz (Austria).

They moved to Copenhagen in 2013, after a few months there they released a new single called ‘N.E.W’ and was launched on the Rolling Stone site.

Albums: Romantikpolitik

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Red Electrick

Ever since they were established in 2008 Red Electrick have had an ever-growing fan base.  Their music feels like a combination of U2 and Coldplay in many ways. They are mostly influenced by the bluesy 70s rock scene and they sometimes venture into reggae.

Made up of 5 guys, they operate through an independent record label called ‘Railway Studios’.

For their song ‘Young Again’ in 2014 they teamed up with the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra and it was a huge success.

The cutting guitar riff has become a characteristic of Red Electrick. Most recently they won the Best Band and Best Song categories in the 2014 Malta Music Awards.

Albums: The End of it All, Vine Lady, The Runaway, Shake, Cold as a Fever.

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The birth of Beesqueeze came about after the group ‘Cable 35’ broke up, in 2015. They describe their music as alterdelic – alternative and psychedelic rock.

They have performed in the UK and have released their new demo on vinyl too.

Albums: Crowd Control.

Align the Tide

These are the newcomers you should most definitely keep an eye on. Align the Tide is a metal band made up of 4 guys, and was set up in 2016. They have already played in numerous gigs, festivals and venues around the island. And now they are gifting us with their very first album. These are a talented bunch!

Their music diffuses a sense of transparency, which is refreshingly enthusiastic and certainly contagious in our local scene.

We can’t wait for what comes next!

Albums: Dead Religion.

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