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Malta has established itself as a Mediterranean country, rich with culture and history that has reaped multiple benefits for our country.

With this rich history comes a large collection of different art that was created, and continued to evolve, through the different empires that once ruled the Maltese islands.

This has enabled individuals to showcase different types of art that our island has to offer, and also inspired some to create their own style.

In today’s post we will be looking at a handful of different art galleries we are gifted with on our Maltese islands, and hopefully encourage more people to visit these venues to get a chance to appreciate the unique talent that local artists have to offer.


BLITZ is a venue which offers support for any form of art practice, no matter how radical or experimental. It offers support through providing space for these artists to work, express themselves and create their masterpieces.

A major problem that artists face in today’s environment is the fear of being misunderstood and the lack of comfort to express themselves fully.

BlITZ have addressed this issue entirely by offering artists the opportunity to work around like-minded people and have the freedom to work without any limitations.

The venue is a four storey, four-hundred-year-old townhouse situated in Valletta, which has been restored for the sake of the project.

This initiative has been running since 2013 and has organised events and exhibitions, building a real community amongst its customers.

Blitz Art Galleries In Malta


The Christine X ART (Artitude) Gallery is a unique gallery as, besides hosting exhibitions and selling pieces of art, it also offers consultancy to aspiring artists looking to establish themselves.

This gallery is found in Sliema, situated between Qui-si-sana and Tigne front.

Christine Art Galerie In MaltaSO Galleries

SO Galleries, situated in Iklin, is a recently established art gallery which has a particular twist. Its sole purpose is to showcase the very best international art, which in turn provides significant investment and leasing opportunities to striving artists.

Their collection covers a broad range of art techniques striving to offer an original collection of works.


Studio 104 is another art gallery situated in our capital city, Valletta. This art gallery focuses on contemporary art. Its range includes audio-visual, installation art and wall mounted artwork.

A unique service that this art gallery offers is its two-and-a-half-ton Printing Press which they use to conduct a number of different educational workshops.

Galea’s Art Gallery

Galea’s Art Gallery is an art studio in Valletta with an incredible story behind it. The studio has been running for almost 100 years, being founded in 1920.

The store was refurbished in 1947 after the war, using scraps from warships from the Grand Harbour to build their windows! These features are still being used today.

The business is family run, with the fourth generation currently running the business today!

Galea's ArtGallery In Malta

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