Top Events Happening in Malta During Summer 2017 !

By June 1, 2017 March 22nd, 2018 Intercontinental Malta
top summer events happening in malta 2017

Summer in Malta is the most hectic season for our Mediterranean island, with our population reaching almost a million in peak weeks!

With tourists from all over the globe flooding in, event organisers get to work to make their stay on our island an enjoyable one.

This has resulted in an overwhelming amount of parties and festivals being organised throughout the season, which may be confusing for some.

We are writing this blog post to guide our guests to the events, we feel will be the most worthwhile.

Check these Malta summer events out!

Malta Arts Festival – 23rd June

The Malta Arts Festival takes place every year and offers a wide variety of art, surely having something of interest for everyone. The range includes art such as theatre, dance, music and painting.

Renowned artists from around the world will be joining us, combined the very best of local talent. The events will be taking place in our best venues, allowing the artists to express their talents to their maximum.

Some of the events that will be hosting such events are the Mediterranean Conference, the MITP Theatre and the St. James Cavalier Centre for Creativity.

A selection of these events even includes free entry!

malta-art-festival Top Events Malta

Malta Music Week – 23rd to 27th June, 2017

The Malta Music Week marks the end of school for students conducting their studies on our islands, beginning their summer with an action-packed week!

Malta Music Week is filled with parties of all genres, taking place in Malta’s top nightlife venues such as Café Del Mar and Gianpula Village.

If you are looking to let loose and forget your recent worries and struggles, Malta Music Week is the event for you.

Isle of MTV Malta Special – 27th June, 2017

Isle of MTV has become somewhat of a tradition in Malta, having taken place in consecutive years since 2007. This event has only grown in popularity since it first began, with each year building on the success of the previous.

Annually, Isle of MTV attracts over 50,000 music fans. When you consider the world-class line-up, the event offers on a regular basis, this is no surprise. Keep in mind, this event is totally free to attend!

Although this year’s line-up has not been confirmed yet, based on previous years, there is no reason to have low expectations. Last year’s consisted of Wiz Khalifa, Jess Glyne, Clean Bandit and Steve Aoki.

This is an event that receives recognition beyond the maltese shores, being one of the top summer events in Europe!

isleofmalta Top Events Happening During Summer 2017

L´Imnarja Summer Folk Festival – 28th to 29th June, 2017

The L’Imnarja Summer Folk Festival has been taking the place for approximately 500 years, even before the knights reached our shores!

This year the festival, known as the ‘Festival of Light’ in English, is taking at the place at the Buskett Gardens. This is Malta’s ideal location for friends and family to meet up and chill for a day amongst free-flowing wine and local food.

Whether you a large family wanting to spend quality time amongst yourselves or an individual looking to meet new people, L’Imnarja is the event to soak up Malta’s blissful weather and socialise.

Hope you like music, as the evening is filled with locals providing entertainment for everyone.

summerfolkfestival Top Events Happening During Summer Malta

The Malta Jazz and Rock Festival – 20th to 22nd July, 2017

Although Jazz and Rock seem to be fading popularity on a global scale, the Maltese islands have room to organise events for them too!

Held in Malta’s capital city Valletta, the event consists of three nights of non-stop Jazz and Rock from recognised artist, both local and international.

Like L’Imnarja, the Malta Jazz and Rock Festival is a great place for tourists and locals alike to go out and meet new people.malta-jazz-logo Events during Summer Malta 2017

The Farsons Great Beer Festival – 28th July to 6th August, 2017

The Farsons Great Beer Festival is one of the livelier festivals held throughout the summer, with free-flowing beer being poured into people’s mouths for a 10-day period.

The festival takes place at Ta’Qali, where thousands of visitors attend annually for the entertainment, activities, local food and most of all, the beer.

An open-air stage is set for local talents to preform and keep the lively vibe going.

For those of you visiting Malta in August, this is definitely a must-do.

beerfestival Top Events Happening During Summer 2017Two of Malta’s Summer Wine Festivals – Marsovin & Delicata

These are two wine festivals held by a couple of local wine producers, Marsovin and Delicata. These festivals are held on 7-9 July and 10-13 August respectively.

These two festivals offer a good opportunity to get a taste of what local Maltese wines have to offer and also offers a good excuse to enjoy a summer night.

Throughout the evening, guests may samples as many different wines as they wish combined with delicious food. This is then rounded off with a classy event showing off our great harbour views, a top Malta attraction.

These festivals are more relaxed and are ideal for individuals who are looking to socialise rather than party.

summerwinefestivals Top Events Malta

These are a handful events that offer a great variety of what our Maltese Islands have to offer throughout the summer season. We have chosen the above events as they offer something of interest to individuals of all preferences.
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