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Things to do in Valletta Malta on Holiday

Valletta is the Capital City of Malta, and as is expected, it is always very busy. The streets of Valletta are always bustling with people, whether they’re there to work, shop or meet friends.

As soon as you walk through the Valletta City gate, charming architectural buildings will come into view, both old and new.

The first thing to capture your attention is the Parliament followed by the open theatre next to it, both designed by Renzo Piano. The open theatre was refurbished with a modern look due to it suffering blows from WW2. These two modern designed buildings stand out against other buildings which go back centuries.

sea things to do Valleta
Both during the day and night, the streets are always alive. At night, pubs, bars and restaurants are full. In summer especially, music is constantly playing in the streets, with singers and bands performing outside restaurants and pubs

There are so many things to do in Valletta that the list is endless. However, we managed to compile a list of what we believe are the top 10 things to do in this beautiful City.

Open-Air Theatre

The Open-Air Theatre in Valletta known as The Royal Opera House or Royal Theatre was an opera house and performing arts venue. Has been recently renovated and made more modern to complement the Parliament.

The architect behind the Theatre, Edward Middleton Barry, is the same architect who had designed the Covent Garden Theatre in London.

The Royal Theatre endured a lot of damage over the centuries mostly due to a fire that ruined most of its interiors in 1873, and then due to aerial bombing in 1942 during World War II.

Open Air Theatre things to do valleta
The theatre was restored after the fire around 1877, but had never been restored after the aerial strike until just a few years ago. Before its demise, the theatre was regarded as one of Valletta’s most prized treasures, yet for some reason all the plans that were proposed in that space of time were somehow abandoned, until the Italian architect Renzo Piano redesigned it in 2013.

The theatre is now being used again as a performance venue, called Pjazza Teatru Rjal

Visit the Upper Barrakka Gardens

Visiting the Upper Barrakka is a must. These gardens are not only beautiful in themselves, but they also have the best panoramic views of the Grand Harbour and the three cities. Moreover, it is directly atop of the Saluting Battery.

The Barrakka Gardens are found near the Auberge de Castille can be accessed from the streets or through the Barrakka Lift which takes you from the Grand Harbour to the Barrakka.

Upper barrakka gardens Things to do in Valleta

Visit Lower Barrakka Gardens

Equally breathtaking are the Lower Barrakka Gardens which provide another angle to the beautiful view of the Grand Harbour and Breakwater.

Needless to say, visiting both the Upper and Barrakka Gardens is the best of both worlds.

lower-barrakka-gardens Valleta


One of the many reasons why Valletta is absolutely fascinating is because it gives you a taste of contemporary culture and history at the same time.

There are a wide range of Museums in Valletta; varying from Museums about history, art and archaeology, namely the Malta National War Museum and the Lascaris War Rooms, the Museum of Art and, National Museum of Archaeology, the Malta Postal Museum and the Malta Toy Museum. All of these Museums are definitely worth visiting.

Museum Things to do in ValletaRead more about Malta’s War Museums and Malta’s Malta Aviation and Postal Museums.


Valletta is undoubtedly Malta’s main commercial hub. Republic Street and Merchant Street are lined with shops on both sides of the streets.

In Republic Street for example, you can find clothes stores such as Promod and Urban Jungle, Agenda book store. There are also two small shopping centres: The Savoy Shopping Arcade and the Embassy Shopping Complex which also has a cinema on the top floor (Embassy Cinema).

There are also some quirky and authentic shops that are located in some side streets such as Ċekċik Ethnic & Vintage Bazaar on Melita Street, which offers a wide selection of beautiful handcrafted items including mosaics, ceramics and jewellery as well as upcycled furniture, clothing and vintage items.


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