Malta Toy Museum

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Toy Museum In Malta

The Malta Toy Museum, located in Valletta, the capital city of Malta, displays a large collection of toys that have been collected over several decades.

It has three floors and exhibits an impressive collection of toys that go back to the 1950s including model planes, boats, Matchbox cars, farmyard animals, trains and dolls.

The person behind the establishment of this wonderful Museum is Vincent Brown, who opened the Museum in 1998.

Toy Museum In Malta

It all started when he took a box of toys from a friend of his who wanted to throw it away. Brown wanted to give the toys to his children, but since he feared they would be of danger to his children as they were still very young, he decided to take of them himself instead.

Toy Museum Malta Dancer

“It all started in the 1980s. A friend of mine had a box of toys to get rid of, which had about eight or nine pieces in it. He wanted me to give them to my children as a gift, but my kids were too young to play with them. The metal edges could have hurt them. And yet, I didn’t want to throw them away, because that would have been a great waste. So I took care of them myself instead. I cleaned them, polished them, oiled them and kept them. That’s how I became a collector.”

Toy Museum Malta Box

The experience happens at the very doorstep – once you enter the Museum you are immediately immersed in a vacuum of time. Immediately, you will be able to see some of the impressive collection of model toys that include toy cars from all over the world:  tin cars from 1950s Japan, tin toys from 1912 Germany and Matchbox cars.

But his toy collection is not limited to just cars. Once can also find farmyard animals, train sets, dolls, figurines, pushchairs and rag dolls. In his words, Vincent Brown collects anything that has a “memorable story to tell”.  And this is very true, for the Museum truly shows the evolution of history through toys.

Although he is not the only toy collector in Malta, he is truly one of the pioneers of his passion on the Island. One simply cannot miss an opportunity to visit this wonderful Museum that will not only take children on a magical journey, but most especially adults who will surely be swooped on a trip down memory lane.  

Toy Museum Malta Man and Horse

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