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Stories of InterContinental Life

InterContinental Hotels & Resorts, part of InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG®), along with digital agency Mirum, has recently released its fourth episode in the podcast series Life at InterContinental which was launched in October of last year with the intent of exposing travellers to the different wonders of travelling. 

The series aims to incite curiosity in travellers as it takes them on different journeys to unexplored and unexpected places, to discover stories that broaden their minds, whilst at the same time, enabling them to experience luxury travel as it should be.

Malta will also have the honour to be featured in the series later on this year, as it will be one of the podcasts produced for the fourth episode.

The Fourth Episode

The fourth episode in the series, The Evolution of Sophistication, comes after three episodes: The Allure of Fascination, The Elegance of Wordliness and The Rewards of Empathy.

This episode first takes us to Bordeaux and introduces us to winemaker Stéphanie de Boüard-Rivoal, who combines eight generations of tradition with innovative techniques at Bordeaux’s Château Angélus estate.

In the podcast, we learn about the approach she takes to enable more people to experience and appreciate the complexity of Bordeaux wine.


In the second podcast, we get to see Bordeaux’s dance scene through the eyes of Charles Jude, director of the Bordeaux ballet, who describes ballet as being a refined art.

In this story, travellers discover how ballet evolved over time, and more importantly, how being dedicated to an art can create something better.

Here travellers will appreciate the oft-quoted saying that ‘art is long and life is short.’

The Previous Episodes     

The Allure of Fascination

The first podcast in this series takes us back in time. Historian Donald Miller tells a true story from InterContinental New York Barclay’s past about an underground city from the 1930s where guests once strolled, shopped, and met friends in beautiful, subterranean passageways.

The second story makes us think twice about the way we perceive the world. We are invited to take a stroll through New York’s famous Central Park with an unlikely guide; a renowned jazz musician and New York City native who has been blind since birth.

In the last story we join bestselling author Julie Klam in the InterContinental New York Barclay’s Gin Parlour, as she discusses what fascination is – where it comes from, how it works, and what our interests in the world mean.

“Whatever you’re fascinated by,

whatever you’re curious about, gives you

information about yourself.” – Julie Klam


The Elegance of Wordliness

The second episode takes us to Beijing and explores the evolution of a neighbourhood, the power of art, and the quiet sides of Beijing at night, showing us how going slow when travelling gives us time to savour what’s truly important.


The Rewards of Empathy 

In this episode we are shown how empathy enhances our ability to understand our own place in the world.

The first story illustrates how one can share cultural knowledge through fine cuisine, as Chef Martha Ortiz, one of Mexico’s most renowned chefs, explains her multi-layered passion for dishes.

The second story gives us an insight into how high-end style, can be achieved one personal connection at a time. The last story investigates the value and role of empathy through the lens of modern day philosophy.

By the end, it becomes clear that the more we understand other perspectives, the more meaningful experiences we create.


Our Motto




Because life gets taken over by so many things like work, we lose touch with what really matters, i.e. interacting with people, gaining new experiences and understanding the world around us. 

The InterContinental Life is for those travellers at heart who want to experience the wonders of the world and who are not afraid to take chances -who are ready to reach out and make discoveries of the world around them.

Experiencing Different Cultures

Every country has its own stories to tell, about its history, culture, art, entertainment, style and gastronomy that enable you to discover new social norms and lifestyles.


We believe that there is nothing more satisfying in life than opening one’s eyes to the beliefs and values of other people and the way they live their everyday life.

Experiencing different cultures does not only change one’s perspective, but it also re-shapes one’s personality as well.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help people pursue adventures while at the same time, provide a place for them to call home wherever they are on their travels.

This is why we have been providing luxury travel for 70 years in more than 180 locations around the world, from Shanghai to New York, Paris to Tokyo. E
very day around the globe people are discovering how they can experience luxury travel as it should be.

Live the InterContinental Life

We believe in seizing the day and living in the moment. Just like we have our own stories to tell, we want to help you create your own stories to share.

Join us on our journey to discovering new heights and possibilities that travelling has to offer, and discover stories that will excite your curiosity, broaden your mind, and take your imagination to places you’d never expect.


Experience travelling as you have never done before at Hotel InterContinental Malta

Live the InterContinental life


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