4 Malta blogs to read before your next vacation – Part 1

By March 13, 2017 August 8th, 2018 Intercontinental Malta
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If you’re planning out a holiday to Malta, or just looking for information about Malta, you should take a look at these blogs. This will help you get started before you embark on one of the most exciting journeys of your life.


Malta InsideOut is a destination information website that is all about ‘insiders’ – people from all walks of life who either live in Malta or have been to Malta, and can pass on their own knowledge and experiences about living on this island.

An insider therefore can be anyone who wishes to share useful tips that can come in handy for outsiders who want to get to know more about the place, culture, food and people.


Insiders can also be specialised in a certain area like for example dining out at restaurants or visiting historical places, as well as partying at the best nightclubs.

Malta InsideOut aims to provide readers with sheer honesty rather than exaggerated statements, so much so that all insiders are also free to voice their opinions about an unpleasant experience.

The beauty of this blog is that the people behind it share their real, unbiased thoughts on various topics.

The categories are endless. There is information about culture and the arts such as music and theatre, film and photography.


There is also an informative list of attractions such as the Malta’s National Aquarium, flea markets and one of many heritage attractions Castello Dei Baroni.  

Needless to say, the blog also provides information on the many beaches in Malta and Gozo. It also comes with a beach guide on how and when to hit the beach, and how to look out for the pesky Jellyfish and treat their sting.

The blog also gives an insight into events, festas, history, shopping, nightlife, food and drink, suggesting the best go-to-places and why. Moreover, there are interesting posts about work and business in the country, statistics on Malta’s score on casinos  and Malta’s burgeoning gaming industry.

There is also an FAQs section and tips on jobs for expats in Malta, and another section entitled People & Opinion that provides an interesting read on a myriad of current hot debates.


Founders Liz Ayling, a Brit who has been living in Malta since 1994, and Alex Grech who was born in Malta and returned after leaving for ten years, are the main people behind Malta InsideOut.

However, the real and raw content comes from the many insiders that form part of the team of Malta InsideOut.

The team is made up of people of different backgrounds – they are locals, visitors, professionals and experts, who are both writers and photographers.

Ultimately, it is the insiders’ contribution that makes the blog unique, as it is formed from different perspectives and viewpoints.


The founders of howtomalta.com, David, who is originally from Ireland, and Daniela, have created the website as a first-hand guide for visitors to Malta.

They include a lot of information which they believe would have greatly helped them had they known this before arriving in Malta.

It also contains great information about tourist destinations, with numerous reviews of bars, beaches, shops and restaurants.

malta-blogBut what really makes the site stand out from the others is that it provides information on how to do anything in Malta. From renting an apartment, getting your driving licence or obtaining a Visa, they give solid advice based on their own experiences.

malta-blogOther topics include studying English in Malta and attaining qualifications such as TEFL and IELTS.

The content offers a very direct and practical approach to living in Malta and provides the necessary information to set you on the right track.


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