Malta landscape: Top 3 enchanting views on the islands

By March 6, 2017 July 11th, 2018 Intercontinental Malta
dingli cliffs

The landscape of Malta makes the best postcards. From the busy streets of towns and villages, to the wide stretches of land and open sea, to the highest points on the island, Malta offers amazing scenic views that make you instantly fall in love with it.

In this post we will be suggesting the top 3 viewpoints in Malta.

Before you set out to explore these sites, don’t forget to take a camera with you and if you’re using your mobile phone to take pictures, make sure it is fully charged because we can guarantee it will be down to 1% by the time you’ve finished taking pictures!


High and mighty is how you will feel once you’re on the edge of Dingli Cliffs, hundreds of metres above sea level, overlooking an endless stretch of sea. This scene is very typical for the landscape of Malta. 


As if this scene was not enough, Dingli Cliffs also enjoy the view of the islet of Filfla, a nature reserve where one can find various endemic species of flora and fauna.

Filfla is an uninhabited islet and has an area of only six hectares, however it was not always this small.

Up until the late 1900s, Filfla was used by the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force as a shooting target to test equipment and to train personnel. As a result, the size of the islet was drastically reduced.


Needless to say, this spot is a treasure to many who want to get away and get a dose of what mother nature has to offer. If you want to take it up a notch, go when it is sundown or sunrise.

Seeing the sun and the sea meet at the horizon is a sight that shouldn’t be missed.


Għargħur is a small village with a particular character of its own, close to Naxxar. It is situated on one of Malta’s highest points and enjoys a pleasant breeze. It is mostly known for a particular spot referred to as Top of the World.

This viewpoint shows Malta’s landscape at its best; terraced fields, rock and dry vegetation.

For a panoramic view of the countryside and the sea in the far distance, Top of the World is a must. It can be reached on foot. There is a pleasant walk from the point where vehicles are parked to the pinnacle of the hilltop. It also offers quite a spot for a picnicmalta-landscape-views-gharghur


Feel like soaking in some history whilst enjoying unobstructed views? If so, the Dwejra Tower  in Gozo should definitely be at the top of your list.

The Dwejra Tower was built in 1652 during the magistracy of Grand Master Giovanni Paolo Lascaris.


It was constructed to act as a watchtower and guard the surrounding areas from oncoming enemies, most especially pirate landings.

From the Tower one can enjoy the views of one of Gozo’s most iconic natural wonders, The Azure Window.

The Azure Window is a natural arch formation in the cliff, and the waters around the arch are suitable for swimming, scuba diving and boating.

malta-landscape-azure-windowThe Azure Window has been featured in many films in Malta, like the legendary “Clash of the Titans” (1981), the amazing Count of Monte Cristo (2002), the miniseries The Odyssey (1997), and HBO’s widely-acclaimed Game of Thrones.

The formation can be admired from afar, as it is no longer allowed to walk over it since it is disintegrating.

Once again, this location is perfect for pictures any time of day especially during sunrise and sunset.

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